Camacho returns to NXT: ‘I’m better off alone’

Camacho returns to NXT: ‘I’m better off alone’

Camacho has never been known as the flashiest Superstar on NXT nor the most boisterous. This former tag team competitor has recently resurfaced and has vowed that things will be different this time around. In a rare interview, Camacho speaks on his new rival, Adam Rose, the NXT Universe and why he plans to change NXT as we know it.

WWE.COM: What has been your mindset since embarking on your singles career on NXT?

CAMACHO: The mindset is to let the NXT roster and NXT Universe know that I'm better off alone. I am very capable of standing on my own two feet and taking down every opponent I face in the ring.

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WWE.COM: There's always been a cloud of mystery surrounding you. Who is Camacho?

CAMACHO: Camacho is the name of a very angry man. I'm angry because I don't get the respect that I've earned since I joined NXT. I'm always hearing of people who underestimate the work and heart I put in to my profession so that I can be the top Superstar in NXT. I don’t have to record a video diary like some NXT Superstars to prove to the world that I work hard at my job. I don’t have to check in on Facebook every time I go to the gym and I sure as heck don’t have to hashtag every goal I have on Twitter. I work in silence so my success can be my noise.

WWE.COM: Tell us about your background.

CAMACHO: I know what it's like to compete for things you want. I grew up with two brothers and a sister. Every time Mom made us dinner, you made sure you were at that table an hour before or else you were probably gonna go to bed hungry. I was the first from my family to receive a full scholarship to college and the first to graduate. I put in the work, time and sweat to get everything I want, and everything I've wanted I've gotten.

WWE.COM: What are your thoughts on the NXT Universe?

CAMACHO: The NXT Universe is full of schmucks. I grew up watching competitive athletes work and fight to make a living and it was honorable, unlike some of the Superstars who prance around the ring. Where is the honor in that?

WWE.COM: I suppose you are referring to Adam Rose, who you've had issues with recently. 

CAMACHO: Adam Rose can take his freak show to MTV. NXT is a show for athletes. Adam Rose takes my profession and turns it into a joke. As far as I'm concerned, there's no place for Adam Rose or anyone like him around here.

WWE.COM: What separates you from the other Superstars of NXT?

CAMACHO: I’m tougher. I’ve never had surgery, I’ve never had a broken bone and I’ve never been sidelined by any injury. How many guys on the NXT roster can say that? These days, it seems like guys are on the shelf because they stubbed their toe. I’d dare someone to stub mine just so I can have a reason to hurt them.

WWE.COM: What's different about this Camacho compared to a year ago?

CAMACHO: A year ago, I was unsure about me and my future with Hunico. Today, I know who I am and what I'm going to accomplish. You can't trust anyone to help you get what you want and to help get you to where you want to be.  

WWE.COM: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

CAMACHO: Dominance. I know that my opponent doesn't hit harder than me. Heck, my opponent probably doesn’t even hit harder than my mom. I plan to accomplish my goals of being the No. 1 contender for the NXT Title, becoming NXT Champion and then ridding this place of the circus characters that annoy me. After that, I’m gonna reconstruct the foundation of NXT and rebuild this place the right way.  I’m gonna make NXT respectable again.

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