NXT’s New Year’s resolutions

NXT’s New Year’s resolutions

With a new year come new aspirations, inspired goals and countless resolutions. Such revamped desires are no different when it comes to the NXT Universe. What does "Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze aspire to accomplish this year? What's next for NXT Champion Bo Dallas? And how will the Emmalution evolve? Get the answers to these questions and more in the official NXT New Year's resolutions.


Sami Zayn

"My main goal is to become the NXT Champion by my one-year anniversary of being on NXT. Once that becomes a reality, I plan to move on to Raw and SmackDown and make the same impact that I did on NXT."


Corey Graves

"My goals for 2014? Well, let's start with winning the Royal Rumble Match, then the Intercontinental Title and United States Championship. Oh, and then I will headline WrestleMania and win the WWE World Heavyweight Title there. I'll start being a Paul Heyman guy, quit being a Paul Heyman guy. Then, just for kicks, I'll bring back the European Title and win it while looking extremely handsome as I do so. But I'm a realist. Doing all of that might take me two years."


Mojo Rawley

"I look at 2013 as the year in which I built my foundation. It was the year where I made my NXT debut and really made the transition from football to wrestling. But 2014 is where I take it take to the next level. This will be the year where I can show the world what Mojo Rawley is about. I look forward to cultivating a stronger relationship with the NXT Universe where we can ‘Stay Hyped’ together.

“My goals for 2014? Winning that NXT Championship and then hyping up the WWE Universe on Monday Night Raw!"



"In 2014, I plan to take the ‘Emmalution’ worldwide. I plan on doing a tour in Australia so I can wrestle in my home country, dancing and blowing more bubbles than ever before, making the cover of a fitness magazine, working with Make-A-Wish and be a STAR, and lastly, becoming NXT Women's Champion and then eventually WWE Divas Champion."


Tyler Breeze

"I plan to become the most gorgeous NXT Champion the world has ever seen. In addition to that, I plan to double my fur collection, stay gorgeous (as if I can help it) and invite Brad and Angelina over for dinner one night."


The Ascension

"When one man falls, his partner shall rise but when both men rise, their opposition shall be disintegrated. In 2014, Ascension will indeed become the most dominant tag team in the world."


Bo Dallas

"My New Year's resolution is to be the NXT Champion forever and ever. I plan to continue to inspire my fans to never stop Bo-lieving!"


Which goals will come true and which will fall by the wayside? There are less than 365 days to find out.  Watch NXT on Hulu Plus and get more NXT coverage at the official NXT Facebook page!

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