NXT’s Halloween flashback

NXT’s Halloween flashback

Aiden English as Batman

NXT’s Halloween flashback

Frightening masks, freaky screams and mounds of sweet candy …  As Halloween approaches, WWE.com decided to install our flux capacitors and take the proverbial leap back into time with your favorite NXT Superstars and Divas. What costume did Bayley don at age 5? Who did Tyler Breeze look up to when he was 6? Find out in the first NXT Halloween flashback!

Aiden English as Batman

Aiden English may be known for his vocal delights today, but there was a time when NXT’s resident thespian proudly served as the unofficial protector of Gotham City.

“It wasn't Mercutio or Iago, Javert or The Phantom. No, the first role I truly dove into was Batman,” English said. “The only Halloween costume I wore three years in a row. Batman was integral to my childhood. From the Caped Crusader to the Artiste, it's been a fun couple of years.”

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Tom Phillips as Robin Hood

NXT’s Halloween flashback

The voice of NXT once possessed a bow and arrow as he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. OK, not literally.

"I believe I was in kindergarten, so I'm guessing I was about 5 years old,” Phillips said. “I loved Robin Hood as a kid. I saw all the movie versions of the story, the cartoons, you name it. The story was always funny and exciting. And there were swords and arrows. What more could a kid want?”

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Bayley as a vampire

NXT’s Halloween flashback

The pogo-sticking Diva has come a long way from her vampire roots. Before she became NXT’s adopted little sister, Bayley embraced the dark side for one time only.

"I was just 5 years old in kindergarten and my mom wanted me to wear this costume,” Bayley explained.  “She said I had the ’perfect angelic face’ and that I would make a cute vampire.”

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Colin Cassady as a firefighter

NXT’s Halloween flashback

One of “the realest guys in the room” was once a young firefighter. Growing up in Queens, N.Y., Colin Cassady didn’t have to look far for his costume inspiration.

"At the age of 5, New York’s bravest – the FDNY – inspired me to be the youngest firefighter on the force,” he said. “Badda boom – the coolest costume in the room!”

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Tyler Breeze as Captain Planet

NXT’s Halloween flashback

Prince Pretty as a modern-day superhero? According to Tyler Breeze, this costume was par for the course.

“When I was 6, the only thing I wanted in the world besides being gorgeous was to be Captain Planet,” he said. “I not only accomplished being Captain Planet, but I went on to become Captain Gorgeous of the entire planet.”

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Kendall Skye as an elephant

NXT’s Halloween flashback

NXT ring announcer Kendall Skye has a unique perspective on Halloween. The day nearly coincides with her birthday.

“My birthday falls on the day before Halloween, so it was always a fun time for me,” the NXT Diva explained. “This picture is from my 10th birthday celebration, so I guess you could call me the ‘Birthday Elephant.’ OK, keep your jokes to yourself.”

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Scott Dawson as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

NXT’s Halloween flashback

Captain Roughneck isn’t so rough in this flashback photo. In fact, dare we say that Scott Dawson looks slightly adorable? Perhaps Sylvester Lefort might want to consider a wardrobe makeover for his prize client. Then again, maybe not.

"Even at the young age of 7, I was the coolest of cool! A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is what I wanted to be. Ninja Turtles got to eat pizza all day, never clean their house, and fight!” Dawson said.

“Trick or treatin' that night, I remember one house handed out little books for all the boys and girls. WHAT?! I want a Snickers, Kit Kat, Beanee Weenees, SPAM, SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT! Were they kiddin' me?!"

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