Top 10 reasons to watch WWE NXT Redemption

Top 10 reasons to watch WWE NXT Redemption

10. It’s the monumental 100th episode!

9. Maxine is dressed to impress in a fishnet wedding gown.  

8. When WWE comes to Vegas, the WWE Universe is always in for some lucky surprises.

7. After 46 weeks of Redemption, Titus O’Neil's rage reaches a scary new level.

6. The lovely Aksana has been recently showing up on WWE NXT. Need we say more?

5.  Johnny “Dirty Curty” Curtis arrives to his own wedding in a tuxedo T-shirt and with a random straggler as his best man.

4. A WWE Superstar impersonates Elvis Presley … poorly.

3. Did we mention the gorgeous bride, Maxine, in a fishnet wedding gown?

2. Surprise! Another WWE wedding ends in a brawl … as usual.

1. WWE NXT’s original announcer – the ornery Michael Cole – is back, but for one week only!

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