Main Event Results: The Architect Rollins deconstructed Dolph Ziggler

Main Event Results: The Architect Rollins deconstructed Dolph Ziggler

WWE COO Triple H journeyed to Main Event for the first-time-ever, flanked by Seth Rollins

GREEN BAY, Wis. – On a LIVE WWE Main Event on WWE Network, Dolph Ziggler failed to show up the treacherous Seth Rollins in a fast and furious SmackDown rematch. Plus, Layla made a mess out of Summer Rae, Rusev looked to tame  The Wildcat and Luke Harper attempted to creep in on WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso.

Seth Rollins explains how it felt turning his back on The Shield: WWE Main Event, June 10, 2014

Seth Rollins further explains his actions against his former partners The Shield.

After discussing the controversial events on Raw involving the injured Daniel Bryan and the fate of the now vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title – which will be decided in a Ladder Match at Money in the Bank on June 29 – WWE COO Triple H handed Seth Rollins the mic.

The so-called Architect of The Shield described the power he felt when he betrayed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, cutting out the “dead weight.” Satisfied that he had left his former brothers languishing in “mediocrity” as he seized his opportunity to rise to the top, Rollins thanked Triple H for helping him create that chance.

Dolph Ziggler then interrupted to label Rollins a “self-centered scumbag traitor,” before promising to wipe that smug look his adversary’s face and cram that arrogance down his neck later that night.

Jimmy Uso def. Luke Harper

Jimmy Uso vs. Luke Harper: WWE Main Event, June 10, 2014

Jimmy Uso tries to regain the momentum The Wyatt Family have in the continuing war between their respective two tag teams.

Two weeks ago,  Wyatt Family disciplines Luke Harper & Erick Rowan thrust themselves into WWE Tag Team Title contention by defeating the reigning titleholders, The Usos, on Raw.on Main Event Harper locked horns with Jimmy one-on-one. In the height of the explosive encounter that followed, the battling Samoan hit his creepy opponent with a thunderous side kick for the quick victory.

Rusev def. Kofi Kingston

Main Event Results: The Architect Rollins deconstructed Dolph Ziggler

The Ravishing Russian Lana emerged before the WWE Universe, mocking American woman and heaping further praise upon Russia’s President , Vladimir Putin.

And though Kofi Kingston said that if Rusev didn’t like America he should leave, it was the recipient of the Gold Star Medal and hero of the Russian Federation that would ultimately send The Wildcat packing on the back of the Accolade.

Layla messed up Summer Rae
As Renee Young was interviewing Summer Rae about her Raw backstage assault on Layla, the English Diva suddenly launched a WWE Main Event counter strike, covering the blonde beauty in a combination of kitty litter and milk before literally rubbing her adversary’s face in it.

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins: WWE Main Event, June 10, 2014

Dolph Ziggler looks to prove that he's the real deal against Seth Rollins.

In a free-for-all SmackDown rematch, Dolph Ziggler looked to get payback on the devious Seth Rollins. But, in the final moment of an incredible effort by both Superstars, it was his iron-clad opponent who would emerge victorious with Peace of Mind.

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