WWE Main Event results: Paving the way to WWE Payback

WWE Main Event results: Paving the way to WWE Payback

ATLANTA – Just days away from WWE Payback, WWE Main Event was full of action and fast-paced competition on WWE Network. Cody Rhodes tried to snap his losing streak against Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow debuted a new persona, Brie Bella battled Natalya and The Wyatt Family was poised to use The Usos to send a message to John Cena.

Curtis Axel def. Cody Rhodes

Following a loss to Evolution’s Randy Orton and Batista on Raw, Cody Rhodes and Goldust were taunted by RybAxel backstage. As a result, Cody Rhodes and Curtis Axel – each the son of a WWE Hall of Famer – faced off on WWE Main Event on WWE Network. Both Axel and Rhodes are former Intercontinental Champions and from the opening bell, a fast-paced battle ensued as Goldust and Ryback watched from ringside.

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The action was nonstop and momentum shifted back and forth numerous times as the WWE Universe watched in awe. As Cody Rhodes took control of the contest, Ryback made his way to the ring apron trying to distract him. Goldust stopped Ryback from interfering and then Rhodes took him down with a Disaster Kick. However it was enough of a distraction for Axel to strike. xel attacke Cody’s knee and  stole  a victory.

R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow: WWE Main Event, May 27, 2014

R-Truth may have met his lyrical match with Damien Sandow's latest persona.

R-Truth def. Damien Sandow

Last week in London, R-Truth battled the Sherlock Holmes persona of Damien Sandow. The self-proclaimed Intellectual Savior of the Masses managed to defeat R-Truth – even with his ridiculous get-up. Back in the United States, R-Truth sought retribution against Sandow. Dressed up like Davy Crokett on Raw in a loss to Adam Rose, there was no telling how Sandow would dress on WWE Main Event. Much to R-Truth’s dismay, “D-Sizzle” – Sandow’s new rap per  persona – made his way to the ring.

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Befuddled, R-Truth tried to talk some sense into Sandow before they started exchanging blows. “D-Sizzle” tried to use the confusion to his advantage and took control of the contest after an initial offensive from Truth. Unfortunately for Sandow, he focused a little too much on outdated rap references as opposed to the match. This allowed R-Truth to capitalize, take down “D-Sizzle” and score the pinfall.

Brie Bella vs. Natalya: WWE Main Event, May 27, 2014

Days before her career deciding moment at WWE Payback, Brie Bella battles Natalya on WWE Main Event.

Natalya def. Brie Bella

A preoccupied Brie Bella faced off against fellow “Total Divas” star Natalya on WWE Network. If Brie’s husband, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan does not forfeit the title to Stephanie McMahon at Payback, Brie  will be fired. With this hanging over head, Brie battled Natalya as if it were her final WWE match.

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Nevertheless, Natalya wanted to send a message to the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair – NXT Diva Charlotte – who she will battle at NXT Takeover. The daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart displayed her  technical abilities, proving she was ready to teach Charlotte a lesson. Reversing a single crab into The Sharpshooter, Natalya claimed victory forcing an emotional Brie to tap out.

The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Eric Rowan: WWE Main Event, May 27, 2014

Jimmy & Jey Uso face off against the eerie Luke Harper & Eric Rowan.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan def. The Usos

Allied with John Cena in his struggle against The Wyatt Family, WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos faced off against arguably their greatest rivals ever — Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The Usos started fast, knowing all too well that the power of The Wyatts can be overwhelming.

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That very fact was proven as Harper and Rowan overwhelmed both Jimmy and Jey Uso with their uncanny agility and sheer power. Having their way with the WWE Tag Team Champions, Bray Wyatt looked on with approval as his family members dismantled the twin sons of former WWE Superstar Rikishi. After being dominated by the Wyatts, Jey Uso finally managed to tag in his brother who managed to shift the momentum back in their favor. Although The Usos seemed to be in control, a vicious clothesline from Luke Harper was the deciding factor in the contest.

After the match, The Wyatt Family brutally assaulted the WWE Tag Team Champions to send a message to John Cena with just days until WWE Payback.

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