WWE Main Event results: Seizing opportunities

WWE Main Event results: Seizing opportunities

Christian vs. Fandango: WWE Main Event, July 17, 2013

Christian and Fandango go one-on-one to kick off WWE Main Event.

PROVIDENCE, RI – The WWE Universe bore witness to a competitive night on WWE Main Event that ultimately ended in an unexpected and frightening fashion!

Christian def. Fandango

Christian and Fandango put everything on the line at WWE Money in the Bank in an effort to secure an opportunity for the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championships, respectively. The following night on Raw, both Superstars squared off against the Money in the Bank winners in singles competition. Fandango was narrowly defeated by WWE Championship contract Money in the Bank winner Randy Orton, while Christian defeated World Heavyweight Championship contract  Money in the Bank winner Damien Sandow.


Both ring warriors were poised to compete at the top of their games, with Christian looking to continue his impressive momentum since his return, and Fandango seeking yet another victory against an experienced veteran.

Confident, the dancing Superstar spent a great deal of time strutting and taunting his foe early on, enraging Captain Charisma. The former World Heavyweight Champion’s offense was relentless, but with Summer Rae screaming words of encouragement, Fandango used his fleet-footed agility to stay competitive.

With the match going in his favor, Fandango sustained his dance-inspired taunts, rather than continuing to mount offensive strikes on his opponent. As Christian battled back into the contest, the WWE Universe erupted as both Superstars countered nearly every high-impact maneuver executed by the other. With the match deteriorating into a classic struggle of experience against youth, once Fandango remarkably blocked the Spear, it seemed as though he would secure the win. However, Captain Charisma once again countered and pinned Fandango.

Natalya & Layla vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana: WWE Main Event, July 17, 2013

Natalya & Layla square off with Alicia Fox & Aksana in Divas action.

Natalya & Layla def. Aksana & Alicia Fox

With the premiere of E!’s Total Divas on the horizon, former Divas Champions Natalya and Layla joined forced to battle fellow former Divas Champion Alicia Fox and Aksana. A member of the legendary Hart family, Natalya immediately put her uncanny technical abilities to work against Aksana, leaving the Lithuanian beauty begging for mercy.


As the contest continued, with every participant getting inside the squared circle, Alicia Fox impressively countered a high-flying attack from Layla, giving her and Akasana an advantage. Thinking she was headed for victory, Aksana turned her back on Layla to attack Natalya on the ring apron. The move proved costly, as Layla kicked the Baltic-born Diva to secure a victory.

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater: WWE Main Event, July 17, 2013

Justin Gabriel goes one-on-one with Heath Slater until The Wyatt Family makes their WWE Main Event debuts.

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater ended in a No Contest

South-African Superstar Justin Gabriel and 3MB loudmouth Heath Slater share a storied history as WWE Tag Team Champions, Nexus and Corre members, and opponents. WWE Main Event presented the next chapter in the bitter rivalry between these former WWE NXT Rookies.


Slater enjoyed the company of his bandmates, who provided an early assist — allowing him to take control of the contest. Although Slater maintained an advantage, Gabriel displayed incredible resilience, mounting an impressive comeback, until the arena suddenly went dark.

The Wyatt family then made their WWE Main Event debut. First attacking Justin Gabriel, the Wyatts went on to direct their attention at Mahal and McIntyre. As Heath Slater tried to escape, he realized there was no way around Bray Wyatt’s rocking chair, and he, too, felt their wrath. The Eater of Worlds then addressed the WWE Universe – and specifically his first victim, Kane – declaring it was time for The Big Red Monster to “follow the buzzards.”

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