The Miz, Ricardo Rodriguez & Josh Mathews take over WWE Main Event announcing duties

The Miz, Ricardo Rodriguez & Josh Mathews take over WWE Main Event announcing duties

Meet the new announce team: WWE Main Event, May 29, 2013

The Miz, Josh Mathews, & Ricardo Rodgriguez are the new announce team for WWE Main Event.

Perhaps it’s fitting that WWE’s youngest show took a dip into the Fountain of Youth this week, shaking up its announcing trio by swapping out JBL and Michael Cole for a young play-by-play veteran and a loquacious manager who’s as-yet untested in the booth. You can call it the WWE Main Event youth movement, and one of those newly-minted announcers, Josh Mathews, probably won’t mind if you do.

“We have an opportunity for three young guys, three smart guys, to come together and sort of push a younger movement as far as announcing goes,” Mathews told of his fresh pairing with The Miz and Ricardo Rodriguez. “Cole and John are very established [on SmackDown], but sometimes the things they talk about don’t really resonate with people my age or Miz’s age. So we have the opportunity to talk about things in pop culture that are current, and allows for a different dichotomy.”

To a man, the new trio thinks their maiden voyage as the WWE Main Event commentating team made the grade.

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“I think we clicked perfectly, exactly the way I thought,” said The Miz, who’s both the sole holdover from the previous regime and the architect of the new-look crew. “There’s a reason I picked this team. I thought Ricardo could give good feedback on what it’s like to be a manager. Alberto Del Rio has done wonders in WWE; I think he has a great insight from that perspective. Josh Mathews is a great play-by-play person, he’s learned from Michael Cole and Jim Ross, and then you have the most must-see WWE Superstar of all time. This booth is definitely awesome.”

Rodriguez is the wild card of the troika, making his first foray into “The House That Ross Built” after three years heralding the entrance of Alberto Del Rio (in retrospect, his decision to branch out might  not be so surprising). But based on night one, the beloved manager thinks his new gig holds great promise.

“It was actually a very good experience just to be out there with The Miz, who’s also a fellow performer, and Josh Mathews, who’s been here for so long and knows what he’s doing,” said Rodriguez. “So just to have those two as my guidance, my teachers, I think I’m in good hands.”

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Now that the foundation has been laid, though, Rodriguez is already thinking ahead, hinting he’d be coaching his new coworkers in the particulars of his mother tongue. Although Mathews maintained a realistic outlook regarding Rodriguez’s goal (“For him to incorporate Spanish into his commentary is awesome, but I don’t think you’ll ever hear Spanish words coming out of my mouth during a broadcast.”), The Miz did what he does best, taking the ball and running with it as far as the imagination allows.

“I took four years of Spanish in Normandy High School, and everywhere I go I have spoken the language,” boasted the former WWE Champion. “Whether it’s German, Italian, French, Spanish; you name it, I can do it, because I’m The Miz and I’m awesome.”

Well, then: Su reto es aceptado.

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