WWE Main Event results: The Viper preys on Wade Barrett’s Hollywood ego

WWE Main Event results: The Viper preys on Wade Barrett’s Hollywood ego

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett: WWE Main Event, March 6, 2013

The Viper takes on the star of "Dead Man Down" Wade Barrett.

ALBANY, N.Y. — WWE Main Event featured three highly competitive contests including the latest bout in the storied rivalry of Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. Also, Zack Ryder battled Cody Rhodes in search of redemption after being decimated by Mark Henry on Raw. In the evening’s third contest, U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro faced a new challenge, squaring off with Sin Cara!

Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett

Over the past few months, Randy Orton and Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett have been engaged in a highly competitive rivalry with each Superstar besting the other on separate occasions. But before competing in the latest chapter of their ongoing enmity toward one another, The Bare-Knuckle Brawler took the opportunity to remind the WWE Universe of his role in the upcoming film “Dead Man Down.” After regaling the WWE Universe with stories of the Hollywood life that seemed only to annoy the Albany, N.Y., audience, Barrett showed a video package promoting the film. The Intercontinental Champion continued to run his mouth, even directing insults at “The Marine 3: Homefront” star and WWE Main Event commentator The Miz.

Finally, The Viper slid outside the ring and attacked his opponent, silencing the British grappler and tossing him in the ring to begin the match. Immediately, the WWE Universe was reminded why these two ring warriors share one of the most competitive rivalries in WWE. Gaining an early advantage, Orton was relentless in his offense, keeping his opponent from channeling his uncanny resilience and battling back effectively.

Feeding off of the energy inside Albany’s Times Union Center, WWE’s Apex Predator maintained control of the contest until Barrett shifted the tide by moving outside the ring. Having competed against one another many times, both Superstars have an understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and must devise new strategies in the midst of battle whenever they compete.

Although Barrett managed to rebound and keep Orton reeling late in the contest, The Viper’s early dominance and the support of the WWE Universe kept him in the fight. As the Intercontinental Champion prepared to execute the Bull Hammer elbow, Orton countered with a powerslam followed by a devastating RKO to secure victory.

Zack Ryder vs. Cody Rhodes: WWE Main Event, March 6, 2013

Long Island Iced-Z takes on Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes def. Zack Ryder

After being flattened by Mark Henry on Raw, Zack Ryder sought redemption battling Cody Rhodes in WWE Main Event’s second contest of the evening. Long Island Iced-Z was fired up, looking to knock the “love ’stache” right off Rhodes’ face. The battle was evenly match throughout, with momentum shifting until Ryder missed the Broski Boot, allowing Rhodes to successfully execute the Disaster Kick. With his opponent reeling, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes executed Cross Rhodes and secured the win.

Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro: WWE Main Event, March 6, 2013

Sin Cara takes on the United States Champion.

Sin Cara def. Antonio Cesaro

ION Television’s third bout of the evening featured United States Champion Antonio Cesaro facing masked highflier Sin Cara. The styles of both Superstars in this contest could not be more different as Sin Cara relies on his lucha libre abilities and Cesaro uses pure strength against his opponents. The masked marvel’s unorthodox and fast-paced style presented a new challenge for The Swiss Superman who has relied on high-impact power maneuvers to prove his might.

Although the U.S. Champion used his power to try and keep Sin Cara grounded, the luchador’s uncanny speed and agility proved to be too much for the Swiss-born Superstar. After reversing a powerbomb attempt from the top rope into an impressive hurricanrana, Sin Cara managed to pick up a huge upset victory over the United States Champion.

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