WWE Main Event results: One 'Hell' of a Night

Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars: WWE Main Event, Nov. 14, 2012

WWE Tag Team Champions, Team Hell No squares off with Team Rhodes Scholars on WWE Main Event.

CLEVELAND  With only days before Survivor Series, Team Rhodes Scholars battled Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships and David Otunga made his WWE Main Event debut hoping to demolish Santino Marella. Also, the egos of The Miz and Dolph Ziggler clashed before they join forces with Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars, respectively, in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No def. Team Rhodes Scholars ( PHOTOS | WATCH)

At Survivor Series, Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars will be on opposite sides during the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match. On WWE Main Event, the stakes for both teams were arguably much higher with the coveted WWE Tag Team Championships on the line. Before the contest, Kane and Daniel Bryan characteristically argued with each other, prompting The Big Red Monster to walk away from his partner. This opened the opportunity for Team Rhodes Scholars to attack Daniel Bryan in an effort to gain an advantage in the contest to capture the Tag Team Titles.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow displayed a bit of trepidation after their attack, no doubt realizing they may have redirected the misguided anger of Team Hell No directly at them. The inclinations of Team Rhodes Scholars were correct as Kane and Bryan made their way to the ring — not waiting for the opening bell and immediately going after their opponents.

As the bout finally got underway, Kane focused his attention on Rhodes, countering the second-generation Superstar’s agility with raw power and experience. Unfortunately for Rhodes, both The Big Red Monster and Bryan unleashed their fury to the delight of the WWE Universe. The dysfunctional WWE Tag Team Champions worked together as one unit until Rhodes managed to duck a punch from Kane that accidentally connected with Bryan. The miscue between Team Hell No and subsequent apology was enough for Team Rhodes Scholars to halt the momentum against them.

Rhodes & Sandow now had the opportunity to show off their impressive teamwork and prove to the WWE Universe why they are top contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships. As Rhodes built a strong offense against Kane, however, he ran off the ropes and was tossed into mid-air by The Big Red Monster, landing awkwardly on his shoulder and head. The second-generation Superstar was immediately shaken, later being diagnosed with a shoulder injury and a concussion. ( FULL STORY)

The battle raged on and Rhodes proved his resiliency by staying in the fight. Although, once he made the tag to his partner and stood on the apron, the former Intercontinental Champion was clearly in agonizing pain. Sandow tried to keep the edge over the WWE Tag Team Champions, but he was no match for the combined efforts of Team Hell No. Rhodes tried to continue, but he was in no condition to compete and the WWE Tag Team Champions finished off Sandow with a Chokeslam and a diving headbutt to secure the victory.

Following Team Hell No’s successful title defense, Matt Striker asked Bryan if he could bury the hatchet with his Survivor Series teammate, The Miz. After some reluctance, Kane encouraged his tag team partner to settle his differences with The Awesome One with a hug, but Miz wasn’t ready for a friendly embrace. For Team Foley’s sake, hopefully Bryan can coexist with all of his teammates at Survivor Series.

Santino Marella vs. David Otunga: WWE Main Event, Nov. 14, 2012

Santino Marella goes one-on-one with David Otunga on WWE Main Event.

The Miz challenges Dolph Ziggler ( PHOTOS | WATCH)

Following Team Rhodes Scholars’ defeat, Michael Cole and The Miz interviewed Rhodes and Sandow’s Survivor Series team captain, Dolph Ziggler, about his squad’s chances at the pay-per-view. During the interview, Ziggler and The Awesome One — on opposite teams at the November tradition — exchanged heated words and their egos clashed, leading The Miz to challenge The Showoff for next week on WWE Main Event!

Santino Marella def. David Otunga ( PHOTOS | WATCH)

David Otunga made his first appearance on WWE Main Event with the intention of decimating former Intercontinental and United States Champion Santino Marella. The Harvard Law–educated Superstar clearly had an advantage of both size and power over Santino and hoped to use those traits to his benefit inside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

In the beginning of the contest, Santino tried to use his natural prowess to offset Otunga’s advantage, but pure power took over soon enough. Otunga unleashed his strength on his opponent, driving his shoulders into Santino’s gut multiple times in an effort to slow down the former U.S. Champion. But Otunga may have waited too long to put Santino away, who evaded an attack sending his opponent into the ring post. This provided the opportunity for the Cobra to strike and send Otunga falling to the mat, allowing Santino to secure victory.

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