WWE Battleground 2014 predictions

WWE Battleground 2014 predictions

WWE Battleground is almost here, and with one of the most loaded pay-per-view lineups in recent history, WWE fans can’t wait for the action to kick off Sunday.

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With four championships on the line and no shortage of grudge matches, the question ultimately on the minds of all is, “Who will win?” Find out who the editorial staff at WWE.com is picking to come out on top, and add your own predictions in the comments section below.

Cameron vs. Naomi (Kickoff Match)

@JoeyStylesAnyone who remembers Season 3 of NXT knows that Naomi had the in-ring talent and charisma of a future Divas Champion. As for Cameron, well, she was on Tough Enough. I’m not sure who is the better dancer and I couldn’t care less, but I’m damn sure Naomi is the better wrestler and will make that obvious when she beats the funk out of Cameron. WINNER: Naomi

WWE Hall of Famer  @HowardFinkelPoor Cameron. Splitting away from Naomi is going to haunt her beginning this Sunday. Naomi owes a receipt to Cameron for her arrogance and attitude that played a major part in the disintegration of the Funkadactyls. She’ll deliver that and then some! Naomi gets the win. WINNER: Naomi

Ryan Murphy: Cameron is the type of person who would make a scene at your birthday party, because she didn’t like all the attention you were getting. WWE Battleground should be Naomi’s night — she’s the more athletic and naturally gifted of the two — but Cameron’s going to turn the spotlights on her. It’s what she does best. WINNER: Cameron

James Wortman: It’s only a matter of time before Naomi becomes Divas Champion. For now, though, she’ll have to tangle with Cameron, her longtime best friend who has recently been suffering from an unfortunate medical condition known as inflated ego. As Cameron appears more and more interested in doing in-ring touch-ups on her makeup, look for Naomi to score the big win during the WWE Battleground Kickoff. WINNER: Naomi

John Clapp: The ex-Funkadactyls’ recent pull-aparts have been intense and vicious, but I think Cameron is in way over her head, whether she realizes it or not. Naomi will burn this partnership with fire and prove she’s ready to stand on her own. WINNER: Naomi

Naomi: 4, Cameron: 1

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

@JoeyStylesThere is just too much mutual animosity between these former Shield teammates for this match not to end in a double count-out, double disqualification or even a no-contest if they get their hands on each other before the opening bell rings. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose is a very personal issue that needs to see these two locked in a steel cage so they can unleash their animalistic attacks in unfettered fashion. Until such time, no clear cut winner will emerge victorious. Winner: n/a

@HowardFinkelI’m looking forward to seeing this match. These two know each other very well — perhaps too well. Yet, for me, I will give the nod to Ambrose, strictly because I truly believe that he wants Rollins more than Seth wants him. It’s that simple. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Ryan Murphy:  Is it strange that I’m concerned for Seth Rollins’ wellbeing? Sure, he’s sleazy, but he’s young and über talented and I hate the thought that Dean Ambrose is going to take five years off his career with the beating he gives him at WWE Battleground. That being said, Rollins asked for this. And if you poke a pit bull with a stick, you better be ready to get bit. WINNER: Dean Ambrose 

James Wortman: Oh, man. How good is this going to be? This confrontation won’t be for the faint of heart, with The Lunatic Fringe embracing his more hardcore tendencies since ditching his tactical gear. Even though Ambrose suffered a debilitating backstage attack on Raw, the brawler seems to use his pain as a power source. Dirty Deeds await Rollins, who, despite his alignment with The Authority, won’t be able to match the ferocity of his former brother. WINNER: Dean Ambrose 

John Clapp: In this likely “Match of the Night” contender, I fully anticipate an unhinged Ambrose, injured or not, redlining his engine and throwing caution to the wind from the word “go.” It’d be impossible for Rollins to not get flustered, but he’s called The Architect for a reason. The man’s a strategist, and by hook or by crook, he’s walking away with the win. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose: 3, Seth Rollins: 1

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

@JoeyStylesHow does he do it? Chris Jericho juggles a full-time WWE schedule, is the front man for his rock band Fozzy and hosts a top-rated podcast, “Talk is Jericho.” The first Unified WWE Champion has defied Father Time. It is this resilience that I believe makes Jericho immune to Bray Wyatt’s psychological weapons as well his hulking henchmen, Harper & Rowan. Despite the inevitable interference by Bray’s brutes, I expect Jericho to find a way to persevere once more and upstage Bray Wyatt. WINNER: Chris Jericho

@HowardFinkelOne of WWE’s most talented Superstars, Chris Jericho recently returned to a “Wyatt’s Welcome,” then was introduced to Sister Abigail this past Monday. Those acts were a sign of things to come, as Bray Wyatt will emerge victorious Sunday. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Ryan Murphy: I hate to be “that guy,” but what was the last major match Chris Jericho won? His on-again, off-again status in WWE has left him with a win-loss record that even Heath Slater would scoff at (matter of fact, Slater beat the guy too!). I’m all for Superstars pursuing outside interests (and I must admit Fozzy’s new single, “Lights Go Out,” is a toe tapper), but you don’t jump back in the pool when there’s a great white shark in the deep end. Unless, y’know, you’ve got a death wish. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

James Wortman: And to think, Chris Jericho initially seemed so excited to be back in WWE. Ever since his surprise return to Raw, Y2J has been swarmed and tormented by Bray Wyatt and his sinister followers, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper. Although Jericho has remained brave in the face of Wyatt’s twisted brand of psychological warfare, we have never seen “the best in the world at what he does” go up against anyone like The Eater of Worlds. Y2J might put forth a valiant effort against Wyatt — whose followers will no doubt be nearby — but Jericho is in a battle he simply cannot win. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

John Clapp: Leaner than ever, Y2J looks about as spry as he did when he won the ECW TV Title nearly 20 years ago, and over his remarkable career, he’s amassed a huge bag of tricks. If Jericho can dictate the pace and stay mindful of a Wyatt’s hiccup-quick Sister Abigail, look for The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla to deal The Man of 1,000 Truths a major defeat. WINNER: Chris Jericho

Bray Wyatt: 3, Chris Jericho: 2

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

WWE Battleground 2014 predictions

@JoeyStylesI admire that U.S. military veteran Zeb Colter and All-American athlete Jack Swagger have become as fed up with Lana’s anti-American rhetoric as the rest of us who reside in the United States of America. Still, does Swagger have what it takes to derail the undefeated wrecking machine that is Rusev? A couple of weeks ago, I might have said yes, but Rusev’s submission victory over Rob Van Dam made me a full-fledged believer in his physical dominance. WINNER: Rusev

@HowardFinkelWho would have thought that the WWE Universe would support Swagger and Zeb Colter? Turns out, when you confront Rusev and Lana, it can happen pretty quickly. I feel this will be Rusev’s toughest match to date, but he will withstand the onslaught of the Oklahoman and keep his undefeated streak intact. WINNER: Rusev

Ryan Murphy: I want to go with Jack Swagger here just like I wanted to go with the USA in my World Cup pool. But, dammit, sometimes good old-fashioned horse sense needs to prevail over American pride. I think Swagger can beat Rusev — and I think his (second) reinvention as an American hero was just the shot in the arm his career needed — but I don’t think he can do it at WWE Battleground. Rusev is just too strong right now. WINNER: Rusev

James Wortman: There’s nothing “cold” about this escalating conflict between the U.S. and Russia. Judging by the way Jack Swagger trapped Rusev in the Patriot Lock following a heated “détente” on Monday’s Raw, it seems like The Real American could be the one Superstar to humble this imposing invader and counter Lana’s “Rusev, crush!” battle cry with a slogan of his own: “We the People!” Don’t be surprised if we bear witness to a star-spangled victory for Swagger and Zeb Colter, and join us in hoping for a “Rocky IV”-esque victory speech  to cap it all off. WINNER: Jack Swagger

John Clapp: Swagger’s looking yoked and assuredly feeling stoked now that WWE fans have his back. I thought Big E might be the Superstar to break Rusev’s Accolade, and now I’m thinking it’s The Real American. That subplot aside, I expect a real hard-nosed affair, a barnburner, with Rusev still coming out on top, Accolade or not. WINNER: Rusev

Rusev: 4, Jack Swagger: 1

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige

@JoeyStylesPaige has done a poor job of hiding her anger since losing the Divas Title and nobody, including AJ, is buying her good sportsmanship act. When the bell rings Sunday, Paige is going to pummel AJ like she has never been pummeled before. Paige is not only looking to regain the title, she is looking to regain the honor of her tough-as-nails wrestling family watching in Norwich, England. Despite her best efforts, I predict AJ will lose what may be an all-time classic match to Paige. WINNER: Paige

@HowardFinkel“Frenemies”? Perhaps so. I look at this as their rubber match. They’ve each won one match “on the fly,” but they’ve had some time to prepare for this Sunday. That being said, look for AJ to outthink the younger Paige, and retain the Divas Championship. WINNER: AJ Lee

Ryan Murphy: I admit it. I kind of forgot about AJ Lee while she was gone. I figured we were now living in the “Paige Age” and I was fully prepared to sit back and watch a badass British chick mop the floor with some outmatched Divas for the next five or 10 years. Then AJ came back and I immediately recognized that it’s still her time. Paige may be next in line, but she should be prepared to wait. WINNER: AJ Lee

James Wortman: You know what they say about where you should keep your friends and your enemies. AJ Lee and Paige seem to have developed a bizarre relationship ever since the New Jersey native returned to WWE and defeated her raven-haired rival to become a two-time Divas Champion. Yet, regardless of their “frenemy” status, all of those faux smiles and compliments will melt away at WWE Battleground. Paige benefited from AJ’s overconfidence the night after WrestleMania 30, but The Diva of Tomorrow faces a wiser competitor on Sunday. Expect AJ to lock in the Black Widow and make Paige tap out. WINNER: AJ Lee

John Clapp: If nothing else, we can safely assume AJ Lee and Paige are suspicious of one another. That, or being friends with either one means constantly having stilted, yet overly complimentary, conversations. With neither Diva seeming gullible enough to fall for the other’s subterfuge, I suspect this match will play out brilliantly as a back-and-forth bout marked by great parity. I doubt we’ll see a submission victory; forget the Black Widow and the PTO. This will end with the Paige-Turner. WINNER: Paige

AJ Lee: 3, Paige: 2

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

WWE Battleground 2014 predictions

@JoeyStylesHey, fella! There, I gave it away up front. I expect the reigning U.S. Champion to outlast everyone else and win the Intercontinental Championship — the only WWE singles title he has not yet held. Following WWE Battleground, I hope that Sheamus unifies the titles and then combines them into a single more contemporary title — perhaps a WWE World Television Championship that must be defended weekly on any one of WWE’s programs. WINNER: Sheamus

@HowardFinkelThe key word to attaining victory in this type of event is “awareness” — awareness of everything that is going on around you and how you can capitalize on that, as well as using your smarts throughout the match. To me, the one Superstar who embodies those qualities is Dolph Ziggler. It will not be an easy row to hoe, but I see Ziggler outlasting the field to win the Intercontinental Championship. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Ryan Murphy: To steal a line from Dean Ambrose, unless the ghost of Andre the Giant is suddenly entered into this brawl, I’d have a hard time confidently picking a winner here. Battle Royals are just too unpredictable. So, I’m going with the one Superstar who I think has the determination to see this one through — Bo Dallas. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m a Bo-liever. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker. Or maybe it’s because that guy is so damn wet all the time I can’t imagine anyone getting a good grip on him. WINNER: Bo Dallas

James Wortman: It’s really anyone’s game with so many Superstars vying for Bad News Barrett’s vacated prize, but let’s bear in mind that a certain Swiss Superman faced a similar field of competition at WrestleMania 30 and became the first-ever bearer of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy. I’m not saying that it will necessarily be a cakewalk for Cesaro on Sunday, but this over-the-top contest clearly favors the pound-for-pound strongest Superstar in WWE today. WINNER: Cesaro

John Clapp: Near-impossible to call, sure, but fun to think about, the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal could be a career-changer or -revitalizer. Zack Ryder has an uncannily good record in Battle Royals, thanks to his low-bridge defense, and Titus O’Neil has the raw strength that can help one excel in this free-for-all match type. But my choice is the Superstar who has repeatedly shown ingenuity, athleticism and inarguably good instincts in surviving elimination in the Royal Rumble Match: four-time Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Sheamus: 1, Dolph Ziggler: 1, Bo Dallas: 1, Cesaro: 1, Kofi Kingston: 1

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family

@JoeyStylesIf this were a one-fall match, I’d pick The Usos. While the thinking of the past has been that shorter matches favor the larger opponent because of cardiovascular concerns, I don’t believe that thinking holds true in 2014. With that in mind, I expect Harper & Rowan to use their combined 600 pounds to wear down the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in two straight falls, after losing the first to the Usos. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

@HowardFinkelOnce again I am going to say we’ll have new WWE Tag Team Champions. Rowan & Harper have been denied by The Usos in previous meetings, but The Wyatt Family members will reach the promised land this Sunday, and will do so in two straight falls! WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

Ryan Murphy: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan have been the perfect contenders to The Usos’ titles, because they’ve made me a full-on believer in Jimmy and his brother Jey. The Usos are outsized and outmuscled by Bray Wyatt’s towering zombies, but they bring the fight to them each and every time with serious in-ring ballistics. This is another test for the champions — a grueling one at that — but there’s no reason they won’t rise to the occasion like they’ve done every time before. WINNERS: The Usos

James Wortman: Erick Rowan & Luke Harper represent the greatest threat to Jimmy & Jey Uso’s WWE Tag Team Title reign, and it’s under the grueling 2-out-of 3 Falls stipulation that Bray Wyatt’s monstrous disciples will finally triumph. The Usos might be able to score the first pinfall with their out-of-the-gate intensity, but anticipate The Wyatts to set a more methodical pace for the next two falls, wearing down the energetic titleholders with high-impact power moves. At WWE Battleground, the buzzards will feast. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

John Clapp: The 2-out-of-3 Falls stipulation is a natural progression for this series, which has had many installments, all of them exciting. The Usos have mastered the art of the blind tag, but I bet Harper & Rowan have wised up to their game. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jimmy & Jey capture a fall, but it won’t be enough to keep hold of the titles. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family: 4, The Usos: 1

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way

WWE Battleground 2014 predictions

@JoeyStylesI’ve never been a fan of Triple Threats or Fatal 4-Ways because the champion doesn’t need to be the competitor who is defeated to lose the title. It’s not so much the increased odds stacked against the champion that I oppose as the fact that I’m a purist who believes that to be the champion, you must beat the champion and not someone else. That being said, John Cena has been WWE’s top star for almost a decade, which is arguably even more impressive than Cena’s 15 World Title wins. It is this staying power that I believe will allow John Cena to defy the odds and retain the title. As a side note, I expect Roman Reigns to prove he can compete on the level as Cena. WINNER: John Cena

@HowardFinkelI hemmed and hawed for a bit as to whom I thought was going to win this contest — all four are so evenly matched. But I kept gravitating back to John Cena. I just think that he will have more in his tank to outlast Kane, Orton and Reigns, and retain his championship gold. WINNER: John Cena

Ryan Murphy: Fatal 4-Way Matches have always rubbed me the wrong way. If a guy is going to lose the most prestigious title in sports-entertainment, he better do it the hard way (same goes for the guy winning it). I do think, though, that the obvious disadvantage of this stipulation is the kind of thing that gets John Cena’s motor running. And I think that the mistrust that is bubbling just below the surface with Randy Orton and Kane is where The Champ is going to find his opening to drive away with this one. WINNER: John Cena

James Wortman: “The Champ is here,” but not for much longer. John Cena has a mere 25-percent chance of retaining his WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Battleground, and with The Authority conspiring against the Cenation leader and the nigh-unstoppable Roman Reigns hungrily eyeing his championship, Cena’s bags are going to be a whole lot lighter when he leaves Tampa, Florida, on Sunday. However, that doesn’t mean The Authority will have reason to celebrate. With tensions rising between Randy Orton and Kane, Reigns will Spear his way to victory and establish himself as the new top dog in the WWE locker room. But, then again, The Authority always has a “Plan B” or, perhaps, a “Plan C” as well … WINNER: Roman Reigns

John Clapp: The Fatal 4-Way stipulation plays to Roman Reigns’ strengths of assessing and attacking, and it does no favors for The Champ. I think The Authority is about to have a huge problem on its hands, thanks to the obvious trust issues between Randy Orton and Kane, and that’ll ultimately contribute the crowning of new champion in the form of the Superman Punch-throwing juggernaut. He may even score the winning fall on John Cena. WINNER: Roman Reigns

John Cena: 3, Roman Reigns: 2, Randy Orton: 0, Kane: 0

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