Pete Dunne def. Sam Gradwell in a Quarterfinals Match

WWE Network: Pete Dunne and Sam Gradwell brawl in the Quarterfinals: WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament

Pete Dunne and Sam Gradwell slug it out in the Quarterfinals, following Dunne's sneak attack on Gradwell last night, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

BLACKPOOL, England — The Quarterfinals of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament kicked off with a contentious matchup between Sam Gradwell and the controversy-engulfed Pete Dunne. The match had a cloud over it after Dunne’s sucker punch on Gradwell at the close of Part 1 of the tournament. However, Gradwell insisted that Dunne not only face no punishment, but also requested that their Quarterfinals match kick off Part 2 of the tournament.

The contest was back and forth and Gradwell took Dunne to his limits, but in the end it was Dunne who was able to pick up the victory after systematically wearing down Gradwell’s back before finally pinning him after bodyslamming his prone back into the turnbuckles.

After the match, “The Bruiserweight” took advantage of the hurt Gradwell and delivered The Bitter End as he advanced onto the Semifinals.

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