Jimmy Uso & Naomi def. Rusev & Lana

Jimmy Uso & Naomi def. Rusev & Lana

Jimmy Uso & Naomi (Team Day One Glow) looked to take advantage of the whole “One Night in Milwaukee” distraction that Rusev & Lana (Ravishing Rusev Day) were dealing with after Aiden English dropped the bombshell video earlier on SmackDown LIVE.

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Rusev & Lana couldn’t quite escape Milwaukee, as the WWE Universe in Portland let them hear it as the contest got underway. Lana and Naomi started off in a heated exchange that saw the two go back and forth … often with dance moves! A full-fledged dance-off broke out between the two and saw such highlights as Lana breakdancing with ease and Naomi hitting a picture-perfect Worm. Rusev and Jimmy began to argue over who was the rightful victor of the impromptu dance off, which led to the two squaring off in the ring … AND THEN BUSTING OUT WITH A DANCE CONTEST OF THEIR OWN!

Rusev and Jimmy were seemingly about to pay homage to Jimmy’s father Rikishi and his classic dance moves with Too Cool, but The Bulgarian Brute ruined the good vibes when he instead took Uso down with a swift strike. The Super Athlete caused more anarchy when he broke up Naomi’s pin attempt on Lana, but he finally got his when Jimmy caught him with a brutal superkick on the outside of the ring. Lana looked to have the match in hand, but Jimmy got on the microphone and asked Lana and the WWE Universe what was the deal with Milwaukee?! Lana responded by slapping the bejesus out of Jimmy, which allowed Naomi to roll up Lana from behind for a glowing victory.

“One Night in Milwaukee” certainly ruined Ravishing Rusev Day’s night in Portland in their WWE MMC Season 2 debut. Jimmy and Naomi claimed their first victory in the round robin and improved to 1-1.

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