Monster Eclipse def. Team Pawz

Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 Episode 1
Braun Strowman finally gets his hands on Kevin Owens during the first night of WWE MMC: Season 2

The Monster Among Men is unleashed on KO. Don't miss WWE Mixed Match Challenge, streaming LIVE Tuesdays at 10 ET/7 PT on Facebook Watch.

Due to Alexa Bliss harboring an arm injury, the return of Team Little Big had to wait, and instead, Ember Moon teamed up with Braun Strowman to form Team Monster Eclipse, as named by the WWE Universe in a vote. Their opponents? The ferocious pairing of Kevin Owens & Natalya as Team Pawz.

Strowman and Moon displayed impressive chemistry, using their respective power and athleticism advantages to form a dynamic combo. Natalya and Moon kicked off the bout by matching each other move for move (and even flip for flip). Natalya looked to have the match in hand when she locked Ember in the Sharpshooter, but the game changed when Strowman helped The Shenom escape, prompting her to tag in The Gift of Destruction.

The Monster Among Men was relentless, going in on Owens with a brutal flurry of offense. KO attempted to slow Strowman down by chucking him into the post and over the announce table, but Braun battled back with some devastating strikes before Owens made a dashing tag to Natalya.

With the women back in the contest, Ember took down Natty, Strowman launched Owens out of the ring and Moon propped herself up on Strowman’s shoulders and wrecked Natalya with an awe-inspiring Total Eclipse for an incredible win to start the competition 1-0.

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