The Miz & Asuka def. Jimmy Uso & Naomi

Miz tells Asuka "there's no hugging in wrestling!" on WWE MMC

When Asuka and Day One Glow attempt to initiate a group hug, The A-Lister is none too happy. Don't miss WWE MMC, streaming LIVE every Tuesday night at 10 ET/7 PT on Facebook Watch.

In the second match of the night, friends Asuka and Naomi started things out for their teams, but their matchup soon gave way to a dance and a hug between them - prompting Miz to say there is “no hugging in wrestling!” Day One Glow and Asuka begged to differ, though, and they tried to get a group hug between the four. The A-Lister responded by heading for the hills, but Jimmy cut him off and threw Miz into the ring before picking up his opponent in a bear hug, sparking a fierce back-and-forth.

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Naomi and Asuka soon reentered, but when Naomi was on the attack, Miz pulled his partner out of the way to save her. Minute after minute, the intensity increased between the four competitors. Then, in the final moments, Jimmy looked ready to dive outside the ring at Miz, but The A-Lister caught him with a forearm at the last second. And as Naomi took out Asuka outside the ring, Miz seized the moment and climbed into the squared circle to hit the Skull-Crushing Finale on Uso for the victory.

The win boosts Team Asuka to 3-0 as the new streak continues! Meanwhile, Day One Glow fall to 1-2. Next week, Ravishing Rusev Day will battle Fenomenal Flair.

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