Finn Bálor & Bayley def. Bobby Roode & Natalya

Finn Bálor and Bobby Roode try out each other's gear and catchphrases

At the start of the showdown between Finn Bálor & Bayley and Bobby Roode & Natalya, the match get glorious and too sweet all at the same time. Don't miss WWE MMC, streaming LIVE every Tuesday night at 10 ET/7 PT on Facebook Watch.

In a WWE MMC showdown between Raw tandems, Natalya emerged in one of Bobby Roode’s robes, signaling some strong Team Paws comradery as they prepared to take on the impressive team of B’N’B.

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After Bayley politely refused her friend Nattie’s toy cat ears, Bálor and Roode decided to try on each other’s gear and catchphrases. As they removed this attire, Natayla and Bayley took over, feeling each other out in a battle for momentum which ended when Roode tagged himself in to prevent Natayla from diving outside the ring after Bayley and led to an intense back-and-forth between him and Bálor.

As the action continued, Natayla broke up a pin attempt between the guys, promoting Bayley to jump over the men to get to her and send her out of the ring. Not to be outdone, Nattie dragged Bayley out, and they took each other out with a double Clothesline. As they did, Roode decided to attempt his opponent’s finishing maneuver, the Coup de Grace, but Finn moved out of the way at the last second and climbed the ropes to hit one of his own for the huge win.

With their victory, Bálor & Bayley grabbed an important second victory, which keeps them in good position in the WWE MMC competition at 2-1. With their loss, Team Pawz dropped to 0-3.

Next week, Monster Eclipse takes on Mahalicia.

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