Eric LeGrand receives Warrior Award for his amazing ability to believe

Eric LeGrand proudly accepts the responsibility of the Warrior Award: WWE Hall of Fame 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

WWE Hall of Fame 2017 Warrior Award recipient Eric LeGrand describes why he's ready to inspire others to keep moving forward. Courtesy of WWE Network.

Dana Warrior came to the podium to present this year’s Warrior Award to Rutgers football player, Eric LeGrand, who fought back from a life-changing spinal cord injury to lead his team onto the field the following a year and grew into an inspiration to so many others. Dana spoke about his ability to believe and how that belief has meant so much to so many and how he embodies the very spirit of The Ultimate Warrior. Most importantly, she spoke of how Eric helped form Team LeGrand, a group dedicated to researching injuries like his in the hope of taking strong steps toward a being future.

The inspirational LeGrand then came forward to talk about his experience and how brave and positive the people around him were about what happened to him. He talked about how that drove him to become a warrior who would never give up. He spoke of the amazing strides he took from breathing on his own, to eating solid food again, to turning his head and lifting his shoulder and shaking his hands. Overall, he continues to move forward each and every day and works timeously to give back to others and well. He spoke about the importance or his group Team LeGrand, the heroic battle of Christopher Reeve and his lifelong love for WWE.

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