Big Boss Man's family shares emotional moment

WWE Network: The spirit of Big Boss Man captivates the WWE Universe: 2016 WWE Hall of Fame

The former Cobb County, Ga., corrections officer is posthumously ushered into the WWE Hall of Fame by his lovely daughters.

For a Superstar who spent so much time in the rough jails of Cobb County, Ga., Big Boss Man fit into the WWE Hall of Fame surprisingly well.  

The extremely tough, wildly agile big man was inducted by his former manager, “The Doctor of Style” Slick, who detailed how friendly Big Boss Man was despite his intimidating size and presence. Slick then welcomed to the stage Boss Man’s late wife, Angela, along with daughters Lacy and Megan.

Boss Man’s beautiful family thanked the WWE Universe for keeping his memory alive and shared intimate memories of a man who was a kind, giving human being far different than the hard-edged persona WWE fans saw in the ring.

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