Will WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville send another message to Akira Tozawa?

Mustafa Ali vs. Neville: Raw, July 3, 2017

Mustafa Ali looks to gain momentum as he battles The King of the Cruiserweights in a non-title clash.

Less than a week away from their collision at the first-ever WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view event, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville sent a message to his challenger, Akira Tozawa, at the expense of Mustafa Ali. Although Ali put forth a valiant effort, The King of the Cruiserweights put the combination of his fast-paced arsenal and unbridled brutality to work against Ali. Taking control of the match by pushing his opponent off the top rope to the outside – something Drew Gulak will certainly point out to Ali – Neville showed Tozawa what he was up against.

With or without the backing of Titus Worldwide, Tozawa brings an intensity to the ring that could very well be the perfect counter to The King of the Crusierweights’ seething rage. However, Neville has vanquished everyone that had crossed his path, and he did so once more on Raw by applying his Rings of Saturn to Ali and refusing to let go even after claiming the win. This appeared to be a direct warning to Akira Tozawa who showed no fear in the face of Neville last week on WWE 205 Live.

How will Tozawa respond to the WWE Crusierweight Champion’s latest message? Will Neville make another “pretender” bow down as a message to his WWE Great Balls of Fire challenger? Find out tonight at 10/9 C on the award-winning WWE Network.

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