WWE 205 Live results: Sept. 17, 2021

205 LIVE

Valentina Feroz def. Amari Miller via submission

Valentina Feroz just might be the queen of 205 Live.

Sporting flashy butterfly wings on her way to the ring and clad in unique face paint, Feroz displayed impressive quickness and athleticism to stay one step ahead of her foe in the early goings.

Amari Miller fired back by draping Feroz over the middle rope and unloading a series of merciless knee strikes to the face. As she did last week in her match against Katrina Cortez, however, a fired-up Feroz battled through the pain. And despite being planted back-first into the canvas, Feroz snared her opponent in a painful armbar to force the tapout and improve to 2-0 on the purple brand.

Boa def. Malik Blade

Tian Sha’s terrifying reach now extends to the purple brand.

Accompanied by the mysterious Mei Ying, who observed from her seat at the entranceway, Boa showed off his chilling new mean streak, greeting newcomer Malik Blade with several wicked kicks immediately after the bell.

Despite the experience disadvantage, Blade staggered his opponent with an athletic attack that featured several roundhouse kicks and a high crossbody from the top turnbuckle, but Boa halted the hard-charging Blade with a knee to the stomach and a reverse DDT for the 1-2-3.

Trey Baxter def. Andre Chase

In a clash of two purple brand newcomers, Trey Baxter and Andre Chase dazzled the WWE Universe inside the NXT Arena with an edge-of-your-seat main event, chockful of lightning-quick reversals, impressive mat grappling and dizzying aerial attacks.

Chase did his best to keep Baxter grounded, methodically unleashing several stinging strikes and a half Boston crab to stymie his acrobatic opponent.

The strategy paid dividends until Baxter got rolling with a breathtaking dive through the ropes that floored Chase at ringside. Moments later, Baxter landed a jaw-dropping 450 double stomp from the top rope to seal the victory.

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