WWE 205 Live results: Oct. 29, 2021

WWE 205 Live results: Oct. 29, 2021

Boa def. Jeet Rama

Since the formation of Tian Sha, Boa hasn’t wasted a single opportunity to display his chilling new mean streak.

Boa set the stage from the opening seconds, booting Jeet Rama in the stomach after Rama backed his foe against the ropes and permitted a rope break.

Rama staggered Boa by hitting a trio of suplexes in rapid succession, but Boa came up with a clutch counter, dropping Rama on his back for the 1-2-3.

Sarray def. Katrina Cortez

For anyone hoping to get a glimpse at two of the most promising newcomers to NXT 2.0 and 205 Live, Sarray and Katrina Cortez certainly didn’t disappoint.

Cortez, who had her first match when she was 13, had Sarray in dire straits when she folded her up in a painful submission hold and dropped her neck-first on the bottom rope.

The Warrior of the Sun fought through the pain to dodge an airborne Cortez and blasted her with a dropkick. And with Cortez down and sagging against the bottom rope, Sarray earned the victory by landing a ferocious dropkick.

Xyon Quinn def. Ru Feng

Make it seven wins in a row for Xyon Quinn.

The no-nonsense striker has exploded out of the starting blocks since the inception of NXT 2.0, and he hasn’t been shy about showcasing his brutality on 205 Live either.

Save for one or two brief flurries from newcomer Ru Feng, Quinn dominated the bout, effortlessly chucking his foe around the ring, leveling him with a Samoan drop and landing a menacing running forearm to seal the win.

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