WWE 205 Live results: Feb. 4, 2022

205 Live

Brooks Jensen def. Bodhi Hayward

In a slugfest between two of the youngest Superstars on NXT 2.0 and 205 Live, Brooks Jensen landed one more clubbing blow than Bodhi Hayward to prevail in a match that likely left both competitors with some aches and pains.

As the prized pupil of Chase University, Hayward received deafening chants of “Chase U.” and “Bodhi” from the student section and showed impressive athleticism when he leapt over his blue-collar foe, landed a hip toss and drew a two-count after some gridiron-inspired maneuvers.

Jensen fired back with some blistering strikes and stomps, and he scored the win by clocking his hard-charging opponent with a knee to the face after Hayward took an extra second to converse with Andre Chase.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter def. Lash Legend & Fallon Henley

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter bounded into the NXT Arena as Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were exiting, and Jensen and Briggs decided to help themselves to a ringside seat.

After tagging with Amari Miller and constantly arguing with her during a loss last week, Lash Legend at least attempted to play nice with Fallon Henley, even slapping hands with her before the bell and allowing her to start the match against Carter.

Isolated from Catanzaro, Carter absorbed a vicious beatdown from her surprisingly cohesive opponents, but Catanzaro turned the tide after receiving a late tag. Catanzaro used Carter as a springboard to drop Legend with a facebreaker, and the duo scored the win with an incredible double-team maneuver that saw Carter hit a neckbreaker and Catanzaro land a 450 Splash from the top rope at the same time.

Kushida def. Damon Kemp via Submission

Whether or not he believes in “moral victories,” Damon Kemp certainly achieved one by taking former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida to the limit and earning a post-match handshake during 205 Live’s pulse-pounding main event.

Showing no intimidation, Kemp tried to turn the bout into a mat-grappling clinic, gaining an early advantage and flipping The Time Splitter across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Feeding off the WWE Universe, Kushida soon got rolling with several palm strikes and a bulldog, and he claimed victory by locking his foe in the Hoverboard Lock and forcing a tapout.

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