WWE 205 Live results: Dec. 31, 2021

205 Live

Edris Enofé def. Guru Raaj

If anyone in the WWE Universe believed that Edris Enofé’s win against Von Wanger on NXT 2.0 was a fluke, they need look no further than 205 Live’s opening matchup to know for sure that it wasn’t.

With the WWE Universe at a fever pitch for Enofé as well as the resurgent Guru Raaj, Enofé bounded around the ring with the poise and confidence of a seasoned veteran, taking down his foe with a hurricanrana and a fisherman suplex in rapid succession.

Raaj fired back with several stiff kicks and a monkey flip, but Enofé soared through the skies with a breathtaking shooting star press for his second straight win.

Amari Miller def. Nikkita Lyons

It isn’t often that rookie Amari Miller has a significant experience advantage on her adversary, though that was indeed the case when she battled determined newcomer Nikkita Lyons, who was making her WWE debut.

Lyons, who vowed that “the fighter in me will always prevail” during a pre-match address from the locker room area, showed an impressive mix of speed and power from the opening bell. The debuting Superstar had Miller reeling when she clocked her with a right hand to the jaw.

Miller fought through the pain, however, and landed a suplex before driving her opponent face-first into her knee for the pinfall. Miller, who was celebrating her birthday, joined her parents in the front row for a post-match embrace.

Dante Chen def. Draco Anthony

After racking up two wins in his first two WWE matches in September, Dante Chen left the WWE Universe wanting more.

And while Chen was sidelined for three months due to an unfortunate knee injury, his third bout proved to be well worth the wait, as the rookie put on a clinic against Draco Anthony.

With the NXT Arena faithful bellowing out dueling chants in support of each Superstar, Anthony secured the upper hand by backing Chen against the ropes and surprising him with a savage elbow to the jaw.

The strike seemed to light a fire under Chen, who doled out several stiff clotheslines, a pump kick to the jaw and a unique sit-out maneuver, which Nigel McGuinness dubbed “Dante’s Inferno.”

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