Adonis battles Grey, Bollywood Boyz collide with Nese and Daivari on 205 Live

205 Live

Several weeks ago, August Grey uncharacteristically used the ropes for leverage to pick up a win against Ariya Daivari, but for WWE Universe members who expected the typically short-tempered Persian Prince to blow a gasket and fume for the foreseeable future, that certainly hasn’t been the case.

Instead, Daivari seems intrigued by The Life of the Party and his willingness to break the rules to score a victory, even raising his arm following Grey’s win against Ashante “Thee Adonis” last month.

Tonight, Grey once again takes on Adonis, who earned a victory of his own against Daivari last month.

Who will emerge victorious in a battle of two of 205 Live’s most athletic Superstars, and will Daivari make his presence known in another of Grey’s matchups?

205 Live

Speaking of Daivari, he’ll be in action alongside Tony Nese in a tag team bout against The Bollywood Boyz.

After several attempts, “Bolly-Rise” recently claimed their first win when Sunil Singh joined forces with Chase Parker to take down The Premier Athlete and Daivari Dinero.

Can The Bollywood Boyz accomplish the same feat?

Find out on a must-see edition of 205 Live, streaming Friday at 10/9 C on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!

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