Danny Burch def. The Brian Kendrick via disqualification

Danny Burch vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Jan. 31, 2020

Danny Burch faces The Brian Kendrick in a rematch from last week but has to keep a watchful eye on Ariya Daivari. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

After Ariya Daivari helped The Brian Kendrick score a victory against Danny Burch last week on WWE 205 Live, The Strong Style British Superstar demanded a rematch against The Man with a Plan. Of course, Kendrick didn’t come to the ring alone, as Daivari accompanied his new ally.

With retribution on his mind, Burch charged into the ring ready for a fight, but Kendrick stalled for time, twice conversing with Daivari at ringside after the opening bell.

Kendrick gained the upper hand by waiting for the British Superstar to come after him at ringside and launching him over the announce table. Favoring his left leg, Burch barely made it back to the ring only for Daivari to attack, giving Kendrick the advantage he needed.

Burch battled back, stopping another attack from Daivari before turning up the pressure on The Man with a Plan. Once again, Daivari attempted to help Kendrick score a pinfall, but he was caught by the official. Burch applied a crossface, but Daivari broke up the hold.

Although Burch was victorious by disqualification, Daivari and Kendrick attacked and wrapped a chair around the British Superstar’s leg. However, before the damage could be done, Oney Lorcan charged into the ring to support his best friend and tag team partner, chasing Kendrick and Daivari away.

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