The Brian Kendrick def. Danny Burch

Danny Burch vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Jan. 24, 2020

Danny Burch and The Brian Kendrick square off in a highly anticipated battle after The Man with a Plan cost Burch a match against Ariya Daivari on the first WWE 205 Live of 2020. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

On the first WWE 205 Live of 2020, The Brian Kendrick distracted Danny Burch to help Ariya Daivari pick up a victory against the British Superstar. Before the match, Kendrick confronted Daivari and said he could use a friend, reminding The Persian Lion he’s already “scratched his back.”

As Kendrick and Burch squared off, the strong-style Brit wasted little time going after the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Decimating The Man with a Plan, Burch was no doubt unloading three weeks' worth of frustration at his opponent’s expense.

Kendrick struggled to counter Burch’s fury and found himself completely dominated by the hard-hitting Superstar. Every attempt at offense was met with a counter, and Burch fired up the WWE Universe as he exercised his will on Kendrick in and out of the ring. Battling by the steel steps, Kendrick finally managed to stop Burch’s momentum by slamming him into the steel steps.

Barely beating the official’s 10-count, Burch then found himself at the mercy of Kendrick’s patented Captain’s Hook. Countering a first attempt, Kendrick recovered and once again applied the hold. Feeding off the energy of the WWE Universe, Burch rose to his feet and was able to break the maneuver. Fired up, Burch delivered a series of strikes that allowed him to regain control.

Burch continued to press forward, but Kendrick refused to stay down, desperately jabbing Burch in the eyes but failing to execute Sliced Break No. 2. Taking down Kendrick once again, Burch was ready to deliver a final blow, but he was distracted by Daivari.

Diverting his attention to The Persian Lion, Burch was caught in a roll-up by Kendrick as Daivari grabbed The Man with a Plan’s hand for leverage. The assist from Daivari allowed Kendrick to secure the victory.

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