Joaquin Wilde def. James Tapia

Joaquin Wilde vs. James Tapia: WWE 205 Live, Dec. 13, 2019

Joaquin Wilde makes his Cruiserweight division debut and aims to make a statement against James Tapia.

Making his Cruiserweight division debut, Joaquin Wilde made his first appearance on WWE 205 Live against James Tapia. Previously, Wilde made his NXT debut during the NXT Breakout Tournament, but he is well-known amongst WWE and NXT Superstars, including Cesaro and Johnny Gargano.

Energetic and equipped with a diverse skill set, Wilde showcased his abilities at Tapia’s expense, all the while mimicking the sound of a nightclub air horn. Tapia did his best to counter Wilde’s unpredictability, ultimately being ripped off the top rope with a powerbomb before Wilde executed his patented Wilde Thing for the win.

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