Tony Nese def. Trent Newman

Tony Nese vs. Trent Newman: WWE 205 Live, Dec. 6, 2019

Taking The Singh Brothers’ place in a match against Trent Newman, Tony Nese is all business and seizes the opportunity to showcase his abilities.

Trent Newman was originally scheduled to take on one of The Singh Brothers, but when they couldn’t decide which one would compete, Tony Nese made his way to the ring and decided that he would face Newman.

The Singh Brothers didn’t object, and Nese immediately went to work. The Premier Athlete showcased his power and exercised his will against his opponent. Newman was simply no match for the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Despite some late resilience from Newman, Nese finally put him out of his misery with the Running Nese for the win.

After the match, The Singh Brothers entered the ring, executed the Bollywood Blast on Newman and celebrated their “victory.”

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