Humberto Carrillo def. Angel Garza

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 24, 2019

Humberto Carrillo answers a challenge from his cousin, NXT Superstar Angel Garza, after Garza claimed Carrillo dishonored their family by not winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

After Humberto Carrillo wished his cousin Angel Garza a happy birthday, Garza took to Twitter to issue a challenge, claiming that Carrillo dishonored their family by failing to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WWE Clash of Champions. Carrillo accepted the challenge, and the WWE Universe was in for a fast-paced, high-flying family affair.

After a dizzying sequence of counters and quick moves from both competitors, Garza stopped his cousin from advancing before removing his paints to reveal his signature ring gear and taking an early advantage.

Feeding off the energy of the WWE Universe, Carrillo rallied and overpowered Garza, tossing him to the mat and finding his second wind with an impactful dropkick. Carrillo continued to push forward, keeping Garza on defense, before flattening him on the outside.

Following a huge dropkick off the top, Carrillo again ascended the ropes, but his cousin quickly countered by taking Carrillo down and delivering a series of hard and fast strikes, only to grow frustrated when he couldn’t secure victory.

Carrillo prepared for a moonsault, but Garza evaded it, and both Superstars attempted the same submission hold. Throwing everything at each other, the cousins collided in the center of the ring with a double crossbody.

Garza recovered first and again ramped up his attack, but he was derailed when he charged his cousin and crashed into the ring post. Carrillo quickly capitalized and executed the Aztec Press for the victory.

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