The Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa def. Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings

The Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa vs. Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 3, 2019

With his prospective opponent Gentleman Jack Gallagher still out of action, The Brian Kendrick teams up with Akira Tozawa against Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings.

A tag team match against Brandon Scott and Tyler Hastings was certainly not the bout The Brian Kendrick was hoping for – Gentleman Jack Gallagher is still unable to compete – but The Man with a Plan used the opportunity to show off his incredible chemistry and offense alongside Tozawa at Scott’s expense.

Hastings and Scott attempted to gain an advantage with some underhanded tactics, as Scott attacked Kendrick behind the official’s back. However, their advantage was short-lived, as Tozawa made his way back into the ring and turned up the intensity. Kendrick and Tozawa picked up a victory before The Man with a Plan addressed Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Kendrick announced that next week at Madison Square Garden, he and Tozawa will face Gallagher and a partner of his choosing if Jack is up for the challenge.

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