Ariya Daivari def. Kalisto

Kalisto vs. Ariya Daivari: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 27, 2019

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto hopes to silence Ariya Daivari and show The Lucha House Party’s resolve in singles competition.

In recent weeks, Ariya Daivari has been in the head of The Lucha House Party’s resident hot-head, Lince Dorado. The Persian Lion has been doing his best to convince The Golden Lynx that he no longer has to be held back by The Lucha House Party. Following an attack on Gran Metalik, Dorado blamed Humberto Carrillo, but Kalisto felt it was part of Daivari’s plan to divide The Lucha House Party. As a result, Kalisto’s main objective was to defeat The Persian Lion and get a confession from him.

Nearly two years removed from the last time Kalisto and Daivari met one-on-one on WWE 205 Live, Daivari quickly took down his opponent and exuded confidence by taunting the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Kalisto returned the favor by using his agility and fast-paced attack, driving The Persian Lion to the mat and then taunting him as well.

The Lucha Dragon followed up with a dive to the outside, taking full control. Narrowly escaping a high-risk maneuver and a speedy follow-up from Kalisto, Daivari took his opponent off the ring apron by pulling his legs out from under him and driving him into the barricade with a punishing dropkick before tossing Kalisto into the steel steps.

Daivari remained one step ahead of Kalisto, effectively stopping all of his opponent’s counters, using the environment to his advantage and focusing his attacks on Kalisto’s ribs and mid-section. Fired up, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion fought back and unloaded on The Persian Lion, only to be stopped by a perfectly timed kick to the mid-section.

As Kalisto attempted a Salida del Sol, Daivari backed away, leading to a struggle on the ring apron that resulted in a jaw-dropping hurricanrana to the outside that took down both Superstars. With Kalisto barely getting Daivari back into the ring in time, he executed a 450 Splash and pulled Daivari’s legs up for a pinfall. Unfortunately, Kalisto pulled his opponent’s legs too far and onto the ropes, forcing the pinfall to be broken.

Waiting for Daivari to get up, Kalisto set up the Salida Del Sol, but Daivari tried to pull off the former Cruiserweight Champion’s mask, allowing him to execute the Persian Twist and secure the win.

After the match, Daivari continued to attack Kalisto, resulting in Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik coming to their lucha brother’s aid. However, rather than fight, Daivari and Dorado had a tense stand-off before The Persian Lion left the ring, but not before he once again told Dorado that The Lucha House Party was holding him back.

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