Will Kanellis earn a title opportunity?

Drake Maverick snaps on Mike Kanellis: WWE 205 Live, July 16, 2019

Mike Kanellis trades verbal barbs with WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick after defeating and pummeling Jackson James, and after being insulted by Kanellis several times, Maverick suddenly attacks The Opportunist.

After weeks of verbal jabs and brewing tension, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick attacked Mike Kanellis two weeks ago as The Opportunist turned his insults from business to personal. As a result, Maverick challenged Kanellis to a match, and if Kanellis is victorious, he will earn a WWE Cruiserweight Championship opportunity.

Kanellis has long felt he hasn’t been given the opportunities he deserves and now wants to prove to his wife Maria that he is a real man and can claim the Cruiserweight Title. In recent weeks, The Opportunist has also voiced his anger about Maverick’s focus on the 24/7 Championship. However, when Kanellis verbally attacked Maverick’s wife and marriage, the General Manager had had enough. And just as Kanellis and Maverick are set to do battle, The Opportunist won the 24/7 Championship last night on Raw moments after Maverick failed to claim the title in a Mixed Tag Team Match alongside his wife Renee against R-Truth and Carmella. However, Kanellis would lose the title when he obeyed his wife's demands to lay down and be pinned, thus making Maria the first-ever pregnant champion.

However, tonight the focus is on whether Mike Kanellis can silence Drake Maverick, earn a title opportunity and prove himself to his wife if he’s able to defeat the WWE 205 Live General Manager. However, as Maverick has shown in recent weeks while pursuing the 24/7 Title, he is relentless when he focused on a goal. Can Maverick take advantage of the lawless environment of an Unsanctioned Match and teach Kanellis some respect?

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