Drake Maverick def. Mike Kanellis in an Unsanctioned Match

Drake Maverick vs. Mike Kanellis – Unsanctioned Match: WWE 205 Live, July 30, 2019

WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick takes matters into his own hands in an Unsanctioned Match against Mike Kanellis, who can secure a WWE Cruiserweight Title Match with a win.

As Drake Maverick made his way to the ring, Mike Kanellis immediately went on the attack, taking out the WWE 205 Live General Manager from behind and decimating him on the entrance LED board, the steel barricade and the LED board on the ring apron. Entering the ring, Kanellis declared that Maverick would forfeit the match, believing he would not make it into the squared circle.

However, Maverick refused to stay down and entered the ring, demanding the official ring the bell. With that, the match was underway, and Kanellis once again went on the attack, taking out Maverick and maximizing punishment while verbally assaulting the General Manager.

Taking full advantage of the Unsanctioned Match stipulation, Kanellis methodically stalked Maverick and used his considerable size and strength advantage to throw his nemesis into the fan barricade like a ragdoll. Slamming Maverick face-first into 205 Live logo on the announce table, Kanellis declared that his fight was for the respectability of the Cruiserweight brand. Sitting Maverick in a ringside office chair, Kanellis delivered a brutal superkick that leveled the former 24/7 Champion.

Seething with rage, Kanellis brought the fight back inside the ring – the only place that the pinfall can occur – and continued to decimate Maverick. With his wife and current 24/7 Champion Maria watching from the locker room, The Opportunist struck Maverick with his own belt before applying a sleeper to put the GM out of his misery.

Feeling a surge of adrenaline, Maverick mustered the strength to break free of the sleeper hold, driving Kanellis into the turnbuckle. Kanellis then dove shoulder-first into the ring post as Maverick avoided his charge. However, after Maverick forced Kanellis to the outside, The Opportunist caught his opponent and brutally drove him face-first into the fan barricade.

Back inside the ring, Kanellis shoved Maverick’s 24/7 fliers into the GM’s mouth looking to humiliate him. However, this only enraged Maverick. His veins pumped with adrenaline, and he began attacking The Opportunist. Completely enraged, Maverick grabbed his belt and whipped Kanellis before driving him to the outside and dropping Kanellis with a DDT on the announce table. A fired-up Maverick attempted an elbow drop from the barricade to the table, but Kanellis moved, and the GM clutched his elbow, writhing in pain.

Back inside the ring, Kanellis prepared to put Maverick away but decided he wanted to inflict more pain and attempted a high-risk move from the top rope. However, Maverick incredibly countered with a hurricanrana before dropping Kanellis with a neckbreaker, using the ropes as leverage and scoring the pinfall, thus ending Kanellis’ WWE Cruiserweight Championship dreams.

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