Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza def. The Lucha House Party

Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza vs. The Lucha House Party: WWE 205 Live, July 23, 2019

Humberto Carrillo teams up with NXT standout Raul Mendoza to face Kalisto & Gran Metalik of The Lucha House Party in a 205 Live vs. NXT tag team contest.

In the first of two battles between 205 Live and NXT tonight, Humberto Carrillo – who competes on both brands – teamed up with fellow Mexican Superstar Raul Mendoza to take on Cruiserweight mainstays Kalisto and Gran Metalik of The Lucha House Party.

Mendoza and Kalisto fought to an early stalemate, resulting in a rousing ovation from the WWE Universe, and each tagged out of the match. The same kind of incredible agility from Carrillo and Metalik led to another stalemate, forcing The King of the Ropes to change his strategy. Feigning a handshake, Metalik decked Carrillo, finally giving The Lucha House Party the advantage.

Working together to isolate Carrillo, Kalisto and Metalik took turns working on their opponent’s upper body, hoping to keep him grounded and away from Mendoza. The Lucha House Party maintained control until a desperation knee to Kalisto’s gut gave Carrillo the chance to tag in Mendoza.

The Mexican high-flyers have teamed up before, and their chemistry was on full display as they took turns attacking Kalisto. Working on the former United States Champion’s arms, Carrillo seemed to have the match in control until Kalisto’s resilience kicked in, and he fended off his opponent and brought Gran Metalik back into the fray.

Applying pressure to Carrillo and methodically increasing the pace of the contest, Metalik enjoyed a brief advantage until a high-flying counter flattened The King of the Ropes. After a tag on each side of the ring, Mendoza charged forward at a breakneck pace, keeping Kalisto on defense as Carrillo worked to keep Metalik out of the equation.

The fight reached a frenetic pace as Metalik and Carrillo battled on the ring apron and the top rope. The King of the Ropes seemed to have the match in control until Mendoza broke up a pinfall. Taking the fight to Kalisto, Mendoza dropped jaws as he launched himself over the top rope and flattened his opponent. Back inside the ring, Metalik attempted a moonsault, but Carrillo countered and quickly capitalized by executing a twisting corkscrew to secure a huge victory.

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