Akira Tozawa def. Samir Singh

Akira Tozawa vs. Samir Singh: WWE 205 Live, July 16, 2019

With The Brian Kendrick supporting him at ringside, Akira Tozawa faces Samir Singh – accompanied by his brother Sunil – in singles competition.

Last week on WWE 205 Live, The Brian Kendrick claimed victory against Sunil Singh, but Samir jumped in the ring immediately after the bell, and The Singh Brothers attacked The Man with a Plan. Rushing to the aid of his friend and mentor was Akira Tozawa, who helped chase off the Bollywood brothers.

Tonight, Tozawa went one-on-one with Samir Singh as Kendrick and Sunil watched from ringside. As the match began, the ever-confident Samir struck first, driving Tozawa into the corner before taunting the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and finding himself on the defensive. However, Singh struck back by using the turnbuckles and turned up his aggression on The Stamina Monster.

Displaying his resilience, Tozawa recovered and fought back, forcing his opponent to the outside before delivering a crushing running senton into the barricade. As Tozawa ascended the ropes with victory in sight, Sunil tried to distract The Stamina Monster but was stopped by Kendrick. This allowed Tozawa to counter Samir’s advance and roll him up for the three-count.

After the match, The Singh Brothers attacked the victor and prepared to use their Bollywood Award as a weapon, but The Man With a Plan intervened and once again, and Tozawa and Kendrick sent The Singh Brothers packing.

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