WWE 205 Live vs. NXT U.K.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher: WWE 205 Live, April 9, 2019

Gentleman Jack Gallagher aims to teach his new ally Humberto Carrillo a lesson about the effectiveness of ground-based competition, and Drew Gulak grows frustrated with the Mexican Superstar as he continues to rely on his aerial ability.

Humberto Carrillo and Gentleman Jack Gallagher forged an uneasy alliance due in part to their mutual disdain for Drew Gulak. Now, both Superstars will enter a Fatal 4-Way Match that also features Mark Andrews and James Drake. Of course, the high-flying Andrews is no stranger to WWE 205 Live, having battled previous Cruiserweight Champions such as Buddy Murphy. However, one-half of the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions James Drake is certainly a variable and will be more than willing to show each competitor how things are done across the pond.

Will the tentative alliance between Carrillo and Gallagher grow stronger or more strained as they engage against each other and two of the brightest stars in NXT U.K., or will their desire to best one another shift their focus away from the goal of winning the match?

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