Oney Lorcan def. Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander vs. Oney Lorcan: WWE 205 Live April 16, 2019

With his WWE 205 Live future in the air following his move to Raw, Cedric Alexander looks to defend his legacy against Oney Lorcan, his newfound rival who is looking to shape the future of the Cruiserweight division.

Since the beginning of WWE 205 Live, Cedric Alexander has been a pillar of the Cruiserweight division, and as he moves to Raw, he looked to solidify his legacy against the hard-hitting Oney Lorcan. The history between both Superstars dates back to the Cruiserweight Classic but has intensified in recent weeks as Lorcan made his presence felt on WWE 205 Live. While it remains to be seen if Alexander will continue to compete on WWE 205 Live, Lorcan is looking to reshape the future of the division by defeating The Soul of WWE 205 Live.

As Alexander looked to take control with a dive to the outside, Lorcan countered by tossing his opponent into the barricade and the LED board on the ring apron. Back inside the ring, Lorcan looked to maximize punishment with strikes and powerful holds while applying pressure on the former champion’s midsection.

Fighting through the pain, Alexander battled back and took down his opponent with a huge jumping kick before kipping up and nearly scoring a pinfall following a springboard flatliner. Trading chops, strikes and counters with his opponent, Alexander continued to go for high-impact moves like his perfectly executed Michinoku driver, but he was still unable to secure victory.

Attempting the Neutralizer, Alexander was met with a European Uppercut to the back before being taken down following a second European Uppercut. Lorcan maintained pressure on his opponent, countering a near-fall into a Single Leg Boston Crab that Alexander narrowly escaped from.

Looking to decimate The Soul of WWE 205 Live, Lorcan once again unleashed a sequence of chops that echoed throughout the arena before attempting a Half and Half from the top rope. Battling back and knocking Lorcan off the top rope, Alexander quickly dove to the outside and flattened his nemesis. Ready to secure the win, Alexander launched himself off the ropes back into the ring but was wiped out in mid-air by a huge uppercut.

Once more trading chops on the ring apron, both Superstars upped the ante with slaps and kicks before Lorcan countered and dropped Alexander on the ring apron with a Half and Half. Quickly tossing Alexander back in the ring, Lorcan delivered a huge uppercut before executing a second Half and Half Suplex to secure a massive victory.

After the match, Lorcan responded to the WWE Universe’s chants of “Thank You Cedric!” by shaking Alexander’s hand in the ultimate show of respect.

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