Ariya Daivari def. Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari: WWE 205 Live, March 26, 2019

Cedric Alexander battles Ariya Daivari as NXT Superstar Oney Lorcan joins commentary and observes The Soul of WWE 205 Live in action.

Never one to back down from competition, Cedric Alexander returned to in-ring action just one week after losing in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals to Tony Nese. Even though a title match on The Grandest Stage of Them All was not in the cards this year, The Soul of WWE 205 Live stared down Ariya Daivari, looking to get back on the winning track.

However, before the match began, Oney Lorcan – who battled Alexander in the tournament – made his way to the ring and observed the match from ringside. Lorcan’s presence perplexed Alexander, and he appeared uneasy during early exchanges with Daivari. As the former Cruiserweight Champion got the upper hand, Lorcan remained focused on him, a fact that Alexander could not ignore.

Daivari was aware of the tension between Alexander and Lorcan, and he unleashed a series of brutal strikes to leave Alexander reeling. However, the ever-resilient Alexander fed off the energy of the WWE Universe and battled back to nearly score a pinfall following a Flatliner.

Alexander tried to continue a fast pace, but Daivari knocked him off the top rope and secured a near-fall of his own. As both Superstars showed wear and tear, they exchanged strikes in the center of the ring, once again resulting in a near-fall for Alexander.

Daivari nearly scored victory with a Persian Lion Splash, but The Soul of WWE Live remained resilient and continued to fight. After dumping Daivari to the outside, Alexander followed up with a high-risk move that brought the WWE Universe and Oney Lorcan to their feet. After regaining his footing, Alexander stepped on Lorcan’s jacket, enraging the NXT Superstar.

Confused, Alexander was distracted as he reentered the ring, and Daivari capitalized by rolling him up for a shocking victory. After the match, Lorcan attacked Alexander, and the two Superstars engaged in an all-out brawl before being separated by WWE officials.

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