Drew Gulak & Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick

Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick vs. Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher: WWE 205 Live, Nov. 14, 2018

Longtime rivals Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick continue their uneasy alliance and team up against their common enemies, Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Ever since Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher turned on The Brian Kendrick, The Man with a Plan has forged an alliance out of necessity with longtime rival Akira Tozawa. Kendrick and Tozawa have united by way of mutual enemies, and while their partnership is uneasy at best given their history, they had their first opportunity to test their alliance against Gulak and Gallagher in tag team action.

As the match got underway, Kendrick unloaded on Gulak and Gallagher, as he and Tozawa displayed solid teamwork in the opening moments of the bout. Gallagher made the tag to Gulak, but as soon as The Philadelphia Stretcher entered the ring, Kendrick aggressively attacked. Unfortunately for The Man with a Plan, his offense was short-lived, as Gallagher aided his partner’s recovery.

Gallagher and Gulak worked together to begin dismantling their former ally and keep Tozawa from entering the contest. Using their unique technical abilities and unbridled rage, Gallagher and Gulak made sure to maximize the pain and punishment.

Refusing to quit, Kendrick mustered enough energy to battle back and narrowly make the tag to Tozawa. The Stamina Monster entered the ring like a ball of fire, delivering quick strikes and a dive through the ropes to the outside before executing a missile dropkick for a near-fall. The surprising teamwork between Kendrick and Tozawa was on full display when The Man with a Plan prevented Gallagher from attacking his partner while Tozawa was perched atop the ropes.

As Tozawa applied a submission on Gulak, Kendrick grabbed Gallagher to prevent him from interrupting the submission. However, the British Superstar pushed Kendrick into Tozawa to break the hold. Not knowing what happened, The Stamina Monster confronted his partner, allowing Gallagher to tackle Kendrick to the outside and Gulak to score a pinfall for the victory.

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