Cedric Alexander def. Lio Rush

Cedric Alexander vs. Lio Rush: WWE 205 Live, Nov. 14, 2018

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander looks to return to his winning ways and silence Lio Rush.

Ever since his debut on WWE 205 Live, Lio Rush has exuded confidence. That same attitude has carried over to Raw where he’s served as Bobby Lashley’s hype man, and he recently aided Lashley in claiming victory against Elias. Setting his sights on Cedric Alexander, who suffered two consecutive defeats after losing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship to Buddy Murphy, The Man of the Hour was ready to end The Age of Alexander for good.

Of course, Rush has been undefeated in singles competition, and Alexander was undefeated in 2018 prior to his three recent losses. As the opening bell sounded, Rush started trash-talking immediately, but the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion wasn’t having it. In a battle of wits and speed, Rush tried to counter Alexander’s power advantage with pure agility. The two battled to a breathtaking stalemate, resulting in even more trash-talking.

Seizing an opportunity, Rush tripped up his opponent before slapping him in the face, showing Alexander exactly what he thought. Finally inside Alexander’s head, Rush took down The Soul of WWE 205 Live and continued to deliver verbal jabs. Alexander maintained his composure and delivered a crushing dropkick that gave him control of the bout.

After Rush twice tried to claim a win via count-out, The Soul of WWE 205 Live returned to the ring, but Rush began taunting his opponent, which allowed Alexander to recover and land a few strikes before The Man of the Hour once again took control.

However, the resilient Alexander struck back, took down Rush, nearly hit the Lumbar Check and followed up with a perfectly executed Neutralizer. Growing frustrated that he couldn’t secure a victory, Alexander diverted his focus to the official, allowing Rush to attack and once again strike with aggression. After a series of blows from Rush, Alexander swung back with force. Another series of exchanges nearly resulted in a pinfall for Rush, but Alexander kicked out and took down his opponent with an incredible Spanish Fly in the center of the ring.

With both Superstars in a daze, Rush made his way to the top rope and prepared for the Final Hour. Alexander rolled away just in time and attempted another Lumbar Check to no avail. After countering his opponent’s signature move, Rush hit a springboard stunner. As The Man of the Hour prepared to strike, Alexander executed a second Spanish Fly, this time keeping his grip on Rush and successfully executing the Lumbar Check for the 1-2-3.

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