Former allies collide

The Brian Kendrick strikes back against Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher: WWE 205 Live, Oct. 17, 2018

After Gentleman Jack Gallagher saved Drew Gulak from defeat at the hands of Akira Tozawa, The Brian Kendrick attacked Gulak and Gallagher, rescuing his longtime rival Tozawa from a brutal attack.

There was once a time when The Brian Kendrick took Gentleman Jack Gallagher under his wing. The Man With a Plan wanted to hone Gallagher’s skills and teach him to be crueler inside the squared circle. Together, they were a destructive force, and when they allied themselves with Drew Gulak, they only became more ruthless than ever.

However, earlier this month, Gulak and Gallagher attacked Kendrick. The Philadelphia Stretcher claimed that Kendrick was a weak link and was holding him and Gallagher back. The Man With a Plan sought retribution two weeks ago when he shockingly saved his longtime nemesis Akira Tozawa from an onslaught from his former allies.

Tonight, The Brian Kendrick will face his former protégé and ally Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Will The Man With a Plan unleash his brand of cruelty on the British Superstar, or will Gallagher and Gulak make Kendrick’s life miserable?

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