Kalisto def. TJP

Kalisto vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, Oct. 3, 2018

Kalisto battles TJP in a collision of two former WWE Cruiserweight Champions, as The Lucha Dragon seeks retribution for Lince Dorado and looks to silence The Cruisergreat.

Two weeks ago on WWE 205 Live, TJP picked up a victory against The Lucha House Party’s Lince Dorado in the most disrespectful way possible: removing The Golden Lynx’ mask. Seeking retribution for Dorado, fired up former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto was ready slug it out with TJP.
TJP taunted Kalisto by wearing The Lucha House Party’s official T-shirt to the ring before tearing it off in the latest show of disrespect.

As TJP struggled to mount an offense to counter his opponent’s advances, Kalisto made sure to rub it in with a taunt that frustrated TJP but delighted the WWE Universe. As the irate Cruisergreat advanced, Kalisto toyed with him by quickly countering TJP’s strikes until The Fil-Am Flash was forced to recalibrate on the outside. However, Kalisto continued to get inside TJP’s head by feigning a dive to the outside. As the first-ever Cruiserweight Champion re-entered the ring, he was met with an offensive flurry before turning the tables by dropkicking Kalisto out of his handstand.

After ripping at Kalisto’s mask in an appalling display of disrespect, TJP caught his opponent with a unique Russian Leg Sweep in mid-air as The Fil-Am Flash bounced off the middle rope alongside him. Noticing that Kalisto was favoring his back, TJP continued his relentless assault, now targeting the apparent injury.

Taunting the WWE Universe as he ascended the ropes for a high-risk move, TJP allowed Kalisto ample time to recover and found hmself on defense. Following an incredible fast-paced sequence of strikes, Kalisto nearly scored a victory. As both Superstars struggled to their feet, Kalisto attempted his trademark Salida del Sol but was countered before being dropped off the top rope.

Continuing to battle through fatigue, both Superstars traded blows on the top rope before Kalisto executed a jaw-dropping victory bomb for a near-fall. Kalisto rallied the WWE Universe and again attempted Salida del Sol but was countered with a dropkick to the knee, which allowed TJP to apply his patented kneebar. Refusing to quit, Kalisto briefly reversed the hold into a near-fall before it was reapplied, only to be broken when he barely reached the ropes.

A frustrated TJP attempted to rip off Kalisto’s mask, drawing Lince Dorado to the ring. The Cruisergreat halted Dorado’s advances, but the slight distraction distraction was all Kalisto needed to roll up TJP and score the victory.

After the match, TJP blindsided the victor and indeed removed his mask. Dorado gave chase, but the first-ever Cruiserweight Champion escaped with Kalisto’s mask through the WWE Universe. Holding up the mask as a trophy, TJP taunted Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik before leaving the arena.

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