Noam Dar def. Bryan Kelly

Noam Dar vs. Bryan Kelly: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 4, 2018

Noam Dar squares off against Bryan Kelly as Lio Rush joins the commentary team to observe The Scottish Supernova.

After settling the score with TJP, Noam Dar looked to continue his winning streak against Bryan Kelly. However, after The Scottish Supernova made his way to the ring and prepared for the opening bell, Lio Rush sauntered over to the announce desk. Rush immediately began to express his discontent that he hasn’t been competing on WWE 205 Live in recent weeks, taking issue with rapper Wale joining the commentary team for a Noam Dar match as opposed to a bout of his own.

Back in the ring, Dar enjoyed an early advantage before being overpowered by Kelly. However, Dar proved to be too fast and too experienced for Kelly, and he took him down with a NovaRolla for the win. After the match, Dar stared down Rush, who didn’t seem very impressed by the victory. However, The Man of the Hour stood atop the announce table and applauded Dar, and the two had a heated exchange before Dar left the ring.

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