Mustafa Ali surprises Hideo Itami

Mustafa Ali returns to confront Hideo Itami: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 28, 2018

Regretful that he didn't hurt Mustafa Ali enough, Hideo Itami decimates Michael Blaise until The Heart of WWE 205 Live makes a shocking return.

Two weeks ago, Hideo Itami won a match after it was stopped by the official. The Japanese Superstar has been on an absolute tear while demanding respect from the WWE Universe, even showing no regret for injuring Mustafa Ali a few weeks ago, only wishing he hurt him more.

As the bell sounded for his battle with Blaise, Itami immediately clobbered his opponent with a massive boot to the face. Itami channeled his brand of hard-hitting offense at Blaise’s expense. Although Blaise managed to get in some offense, the precision kicks to the lower back proved to be too much.

Displaying a more sadistic side, Itami had the match won on multiple occasions but would stop the pinfall after the two-count. Showing no remorse and taking pleasure in decimating his opponent, Itami prepared a third running dropkick when he stopped in his tracks upon hearing Mustafa Ali’s music.

Making a surprise return, The Heart of WWE 205 Live made a beeline for the ring to confront Itami. As Ali charged, Itami escaped through the WWE Universe. Ali demanded a fight, but Itami wasn’t going to answer the challenge on this particular night.

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