TJP def. Noam Dar

Noam Dar vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, July 17, 2018

Setting out to prove his previous loss to Noam Dar was a fluke, TJP gets his rematch - and high-caliber competition - against The Scottish Supernova.

After being decimated by a returning Noam Dar two weeks ago on WWE 205 Live, inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP requested a rematch to prove that his loss to The Scottish Supernova was just a fluke. WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick obliged The Duke of Dab’s request and made the match official.

Before the bout began, TJP addressed the WWE Universe and explained that while he wants a WWE Cruiserweight Title opportunity, Drake Maverick won’t permit it. Unfazed by Dar’s successful return from a knee injury, The Cruisergreat was determined to prove he is the best technical wrestler in WWE.

Attempting to score an early advantage, TJP charged his opponent, but Dar was prepared, immediately taking control and mounting a dominant offense. After regaining his bearings, The Fil-Am Flash used his speed and agility to turn the tables following a technical exchange with Dar.

Using his technical prowess, TJP focused on weakening Dar and attempting to target his opponent’s previously injured knee. The Cruisergreat’s strategy began paying dividends as he locked in on Dar’s surgically repaired knee.

Fighting through the pain, Dar recovered and mounted his own flurry that left TJP on the defensive. The two Cruiserweights continued to battle through a series of near-falls and counters as Dar was doing his best to block out the pain in his surgically repaired knee. As the melee raged, TJP kept his attacks focused on Dar’s knee, doing considerable damage by attacking it with kicks and even a devastating chop block.

Relentless in his assault, TJP remained focused on Dar’s knee, toying with him before applying his patented kneebar for the win.

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