Mustafa Ali def. Buddy Murphy

Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy: WWE 205 Live, July 3, 2018

Aiming to stake their claim for another WWE Cruiserweight Championship opportunity, Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy bring their nasty rivalry to a head in a wild No Disqualification Match.

After their rubber match was interrupted by Hideo Itami last month, Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali looked to finally settle the score in their intense rivalry in a No Disqualification Match.

As soon as Murphy made his way to the ring apron, Ali attacked, taking down Murphy and immediately flattening him with a high-risk move to the outside. Ali tossed Murphy into the barricade before they made their way back into the ring.

The Juggernaut of WWE 205 Live countered, striking back and eventually grabbing Ali by the hair and tossing him to the arena floor from the barricade. Murphy then showed off his ruthlessness by suplexing Ali into the steel ramp before moving back into the ring and applying excruciating pressure to Ali’s back and neck.

In control of the bout, Murphy moved the ring steps onto the apron and tried to throw his opponent face-first into the steel. Ali countered and slammed Murphy into the announce table, and as he prepared to use the table to his advantage, Murphy – back inside the ring – dropkicked the steel steps into Ali’s shoulder. The Australian Superstar immediately followed with a jaw-dropping leap off the steps to the outside, taking out Ali.

Murphy continued to show his aggression, setting up the steel steps in the corner and throwing Ali into them twice. Refusing to quit, Ali again battled back, driving Murphy into the steel steps following an incredible hurricanrana. Seizing the opportunity to strike, Ali attempted the 054, but he was stopped with a kick to the jaw and powerbombed twice by Murphy.

Murphy prepared a high-risk move with Ali laid out on the steps. The Heart of WWE 205 Live countered and adjusted the steps upright to execute a – believe it or not – superplex off the top of the steps.

Once again on the outside Murphy launched Ali into the announce table, and he prepared another high-risk move from the barricade, but he was met with a Spanish Fly onto the table instead.

Back inside the ring, Murphy hit Ali with a running knee strike that caused The Heart of WWE 205 Live to get caught in the ropes. Murphy executed four knee strikes, but Ali still refused to quit after being dragged to the center of the ring.

Frustrated, Murphy again prepared to use the steel steps – even trying to just drop them on top of Ali – but the Chicago native avoided Murphy’s strikes. Countering Murphy’s charge with a kick, Ali quickly capitalized and took Murphy down with an incredible tornado DDT off the steps to finally secure a hard-fought and well-earned pinfall victory.

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