Lio Rush def. Dewey James

Lio Rush vs. Dewey James: WWE 205 Live, June 26, 2018

Lio Rush makes his incredible WWE 205 Live debut against Dewey James.

The incredibly fast and agile Lio Rush made his highly anticipated WWE 205 Live debut, taking his sweet time to enter the ring and meticulously remove his jewelry. After finally taking off his bracelet, Rush approached his opponent for a handshake but instead delivered a resounding slap.

The Man of the Hour wasted no time showing the WWE Universe exactly what he was capable of in terms of speed, agility and perfect execution. Rush showed off his ability to immediately stop and switch tactics with absolute precision.

The self-proclaimed greatest Cruiserweight in the world secured the victory following an incredible Final Hour.

After the match, Rush addressed the Cruiserweight division, admonishing them for a lack of style and finesse and claiming he was ready to make WWE 205 Live feel the rush.

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