Is Drew Gulak too aggressive for Mark Andrews?

Drew Gulak reveals why he kept Mark Andrews in the Dragon Sleeper: WWE 205 Live, April 3, 2018

After requesting his match against Mark Andrews be postponed for his opponent's benefit, Drew Gulak uses a PowerPoint presentation to reveal why he refused to relinquish the excruciating Dragon Sleeper on Andrews during their WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match.

Mark Andrews and Drew Gulak were originally scheduled to square off last week on WWE 205 Live, but Gulak asked General Manager Drake Maverick to postpone the match for a week. The reason for Gulak’s unexpected request? He wanted Andrews to fully recover from his grueling contest with Tony Nese that earned him the opportunity to face Gulak.

When Andrew faced Gulak in the quarterfinals of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, he was met with the same aggression that Gulak used to dominate his friend and frequent tag team partner Tony Nese in the opening round. Winning by applying the torturous Dragon Sleeper, Gulak refused to relinquish the hold until the official intervened. His explanation as to why he maintained the hold was simple – because he can.

Although Andrews is determined to defeat Gulak, the Philadelphia native is poised to inflict the maximum amount of pain upon his opponents. A hardened technical competitor, Gulak will use his in-ring ability to keep the high-fiving and stage-diving Andrews on the defensive and undoubtedly regretting a rematch.

Will Andrews suffer the same fate as before against Gulak, or will he prove he can handle even the most hostile competitors the Cruiserweight division can offer?

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