Cedric Alexander def. TJP

Cedric Alexander vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, Feb. 27, 2018

Cedric Alexander battles inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP in the first match of the quarterfinals in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

Despite both Cedric Alexander and TJP competing in the Cruiserweight Classic – and TJP winning the tourney – they have never faced off in one-on-one competition in the WWE Cruiserweight division. That changed in the quarterfinals of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, as Alexander and the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion battled to keep their WrestleMania dreams alive.

Although The Fil-Am Flash didn’t believe he should have to face anyone to earn an opportunity to reclaim the WWE Cruiserweight Title, he was ready to compete against Alexander while displaying his signature confidence.

Neither Superstar gained an advantage until TJP wisely countered a snapmare into a backbreaker. The first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion used that momentum to work in an innovative submission hold, nearly scoring a victory. As his confidence mounted, The Duke of Dab worked to keep his opponent on defense, using well-timed strikes and technical holds to stay in control and keep Alexander at bay.

Even though TJP seemed to have the match clearly in his favor, the resilience of Cedric was certainly in play as he reversed a suplex and found the opening he needed to build his own momentum. Battling through pain, Alexander still soared through the air to take down his opponent on the outside.

Favoring his knee, Alexander continued to advance, but TJP’s ring awareness proved near-fatal for Alexander’s WrestleMania hopes as he caught his opponent in the kneebar, though Alexander escaped the dreaded hold twice.

Exhausted, both Cruiserweights exchanged blows, leaving everything inside the ring. As TJP attempted the Detonation Kick, Alexander reversed the move and hit the back-wrenching Lumbar Check to secure the win and advance to the semifinals.

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