Will Gentleman Jack Gallagher heed Drake Maverick’s advice?

Drake Maverick tells Gentleman Jack Gallagher to lose the suit: WWE 205 Live, Feb. 13, 2018

While addressing his upcoming Cruiserweight Championship Tournament match against Mustafa Ali, Gentleman Jack Gallagher is interrupted by WWE 205 Live GM Drake Maverick, who demands the British Superstar stop wearing his suit in the ring.

If there’s one thing WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick wants to highlight, it’s that a new era for the Cruiserweight division is underway. Maverick wants to deliver the very best competition for the WWE Universe and wants the Superstars of WWE 205 Live at their absolute best. Last week, Drew Gulak showed off a much more aggressive side of himself in a victory against his friend, Tony Nese. Maverick also confronted Gentleman Jack Gallagher about his ring attire, making it clear he is not a fan of the suit Gallagher wears in the ring.

As a result, the WWE 205 Live General Manager demanded his fellow countryman wear traditional ring gear and ditch the suit. Ever since Gallagher formed an alliance with The Brian Kendrick, he started wearing a suit and channeling a crueler attitude. However, Maverick wants to see Gallagher – whom Maverick believes is one of the best competitors in the world – focus on his tasks inside the squared circle and the unique style he brings with him.

Will Gentleman Jack heed Maverick’s advice and return to traditional ring gear, or will the British Superstar further embrace his aggression to carry him to the second round of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament?

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